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You know the drill,
tell me a story!

On Monday, you can check out the stories Fireblossom and Mielikki have written about this photo


  1. I go.......
    "Well, Mom... ya see we were hanging, waiting fer the bus, and we were just waiting."

    "It never came. By the time I realized what time it was we just decided to walk up to Starbucks. You know the one on the corner near Regis."

    "Ummmmm, well, yes he was there. No I did not call to tell you."

    And you know what the worst thing is.....SHE GROUNDED ME, but she didn't take my Blackberry.

  2. "By their shoes ye shall know them."

    By tomorrow, I'll have a story up!

  3. In spite of record heat, Paris Hilton feels the need to be different.

  4. I see the Chuck Taylor's that my niece wore for her high school graduation five years ago have found another home.

  5. Probably a school bus stop. I want those Nikes.

  6. "I told you it was going to be warm, what's with the boots!?"

    "But it was cold this morning, and I felt fat"

    "Fat!, you're not fat. Now me, I'm a cow"

    "No you're not, you look great"

    "So what are we doing now? Hello!? What are going to do now?"

    "Oh, sorry. I was twittering about being fat"

  7. Why are 2 of them rolling their foot?

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  9. She was like "it's ok to wear boots after Easter" and I was like "girl, you got to get with the program and get you some chucks, for real" and she was like "but they hurt my feet" and I was like "it don't matter none about comfort till you're like 40 or something" so she was like "So then, where can I get some of those red chucks like really really cheap?" I said it again to her hard head "Girl, like for real, you got to get with the program."

  10. "It's called 'performance art'. You two make the parentheses, we'll make the quotation marks... and I'll fill in the text on my Crackberry. It'll be righteous."

  11. These sneakers are made for walking...for walking all over you!

    For another take on shoes, cf Ocala DP!

  12. Oh, tender youth. I remember those shy days.


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