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EDITED to add: check out the stories Fireblossom and Mielikki have written about this photo


  1. No story here.. just admiration for another fine pic.

  2. The thoughts running through her head...

    --I better check my email to make sure we're still on for this weekend.
    --Is he going to want pasta again? I know he's an Italian boy from Brooklyn and I really do love pasta too but we've done pasta every weekend I've visited. Can't we order in for Chinese, Mexican, Mediterranean--basically anything but pasta?
    --(Even though I yearn for something that isn't pasta, I know we'll still get pasta. I dig him and he digs pasta, so we dig pasta together.)
    --(But sometimes I do wonder what his reaction will be when he realizes the pasta is just going to make my ass bigger than it already is...)
    --I wonder if his boss said it'd be okay for him to leave early on Friday. I'd rather meet him in the city and take the subway together rather than sitting in the hotel lobby or bar with a bunch of strangers, passing time on my phone waiting for him to arrive so we can check in.
    --Why do I always get stressed about these weekends together? They always turn out fine and we make the not so great, good and have a wonderful time with each other; it's our mini vacation away from the world.
    --Ugh, is it Friday yet cause I need a vacation.

  3. I'm going with Generation Y....totally plugged in...all the time! Can't live without that thing!!

  4. I can't get this da$%^% remote to work!

  5. The Little Orange Phone was happy. This had not always been the case.

    Shortly after being born, in a dismal factory someplace far away, the Little Orange Phone was sold (sold!) to someone called FlyDJ4u, who smelled bad and listened to worse music.

    What? Did you think that a phone cannot smell nor listen? They certainly can. The Little Orange Phone's favorite scent is lilac. Its favorite music is Diana Krall.

    After only a day, FlyDJ4u returned the phone to the store, because he said it wasn't working proiperly. It wasn't. It didn't like him.

    After being repackaged and set on the shelf again, The Little Orange Phone was boughten by LilacGrrl. Everything about Lilacgrrl is wonderful, according to the Little Orange Phone. She smells good, listens to Diana Krall and wears the most agreeable and pleasing jewelry.

    One day, Rockgod54 texted Lilacgrrl. He said not-nice things. He said u better call me. he said, who do u think u r, the queen of the world?

    The Little Orange Phone knew Lilacgrrl would be upset. So, it made a decision. All by itself, it texted Rockgod54 back. Calling itself CraZ4LG, it said, leave Lilacgrrl alone. If you have a problem, come see me at Jim's Karate School, and gave an address.

    Then the Little Orange Phone lay back inside Lilcagrrl's bag, and smiled to itself. You didn't think a phone can smile? It can, when it is very very happy.

  6. After an incredibly hectic week, Ava couldn't wait for Saturday when, after running a few errands, she would meet up with her friend Jill. She desperately needed time with her friend, who always made things better.

    What Ava needed to be better was her relationship with her boyfriend of two years. Although things had been going well, lately he seemed less and less eager to be with her, appearing more and more distracted.

    On this particular day, Ava was overwhelmed with exhaustion yet frantic to see her friend, so after deciding to skip the rest of her errands, she contacted her friend and asked to move up the time of their lunch date.

    While she was texting and walking she ran into a street light, bounced over backwards and fell onto the sidewalk.

    When she came to she couldn't remember where she was or what had happened, but from then on she never texted again unless she was sitting down, and even then she had a funny feeling. Things were never quite the same.

    Her boyfriend ultimately left her because he had been seeing someone else, and, being the superficial idiot that he was, couldn't stand the big knot on her forehead after she walked into the street lamp, texting away.

  7. Love the humanity in this shot. Definitely a slice of real life. Loved Fireblossom's whimsy and Chesapeake's twist. I got nothing close to that, but maybe if I keep it short...

    hmm... Okay, how's this for short story extempore?

    "Hope you're having a great day", she tapped.

    She thumbed the "Send" key, then scrolled through her contacts and deleted his number.

    "Goodbye" wasn't something she was good with. Besides, he'd figure it out in a week or two. Probably. And if not? No matter. Time was on her side after all.

    He did, of course, figure it out. Quicker than she would have imagined. He knew he was supposed to hate her for it. That's how the game was played. And he might have.

    If he hadn't loved her so damn much.

  8. I'd better let them know I will be a few minutes late. My new shoes are killing my feet and I can't walk as quickly as I normally do.

  9. "I don't get it. These thumb rings were totally supposed to increase my texting speed and dexterity..."

  10. How can I even try to top Byron?

    Thumb rings. LOL

    all my mind seas is valley-speak;


  11. I don't know what she has to say, but I do know that she will say it in 140 characters or less. Oh, not, that's twitter, not texting. Ah, well. What's a luddite like me to know?

  12. I think that might be my daughter! She spends so much time texting that her crackberry is starting to look like another appendage.

    Hubby still won't allow me to text because he says it costs too much, LOL! In reality, I think he doesn't want me to text because then he'll have to. Yeah. Let's go ahead & live in the dark ages. Whatever. Sorry. Didn't mean to rant...

  13. judi: You're sweet..

    katney: katney, that kills! 140 characters or less- kills I tell ya'!


  14. "You have got to be kidding me!"

    Her mind said.

    Her fingers tapped, "Can u pick her up @ school? Day care closed by Dept of Health."

  15. "Gahd I wish I had an iphone!" What else is there to say? Other than it's a fabulous shot!

  16. "Technology allows me to disconnect from having to deal with all the messy situations of LIFE. I can compartmentalize to my heart's content; disconnect from urban reality while connecting with Facebook. Now if I just don't walk into another day-um phone pole!"

  17. She's calling in for Chinese. Will have an early dinner with Raoul, then slip into something much much more comfortable -- and they'll do........

    YOGA together!

  18. I'm imagining what I'd have to do if I lived in NYC. check my GPS to find my way home.

  19. She wished he would leave her alone but didn't want to be cruel to the man. So she responded occasionally to his texts, thinking that some day she'd eventually to have to get a new number.
    Or she could tell him what she really thought.
    And so, on a perfect spring day when it was beautiful enough to venture outside without even a sweater on, she did it.

    And life went on.

  20. Marcie finally had to admit that her texting was out of control when both of her hands suddenly locked in the claw position, forcing her to tweet with her tongue.

  21. No story from me, but I recommend any of the stories told by Neil Postman in this age of IT frenzy.


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