tell me a story

Tell me a story about this person
you can do it 
in the comment 
you can do it on your blog
in other words

I photographed this series 
hoping to make the viewer
write a vignette,
a capton
so for a while, 
until I get bored or run out of material, 
I will be posting these
in place of the Park series.  
I know, 
how dumb am I 
now when its getting nice,
 the park looks pretty 
I want you 
to tell me a story

Edited to say thank you to all who posted stories or comments about the photo ... and a special thanks to mielikki for using my photo for her short story monday, check it out here


  1. you SO KNOW I am going to do this, right? Look for it Monday morning. I will link to the picture :)
    I love these!!

  2. I'll take a stab at it next Sunday, I just wanted to come by and say hello! - have had grandsons here for the past four days and am running on empty - I love love this photo though!xxo

  3. You say you care,
    now I must go.
    My wardrobe,a nightmare
    I've been told.
    My bags are packed
    good taste, I lacked.
    I'm on my way,
    to find out today
    What Not to Wear.
    Advise, rules, Don't and Dos:
    Please be sure to choose
    a pair of matching shoes!

  4. "Gosh, I'll be so pleased when I get home and I can take off this was a bit warmer out than I thought. And my feet are killing me. I just had to get out before everyone got is just mad in there otherwise.
    The cheese and salmon for lunch should be good though. I wonder if Henry is awake yet. I'll kill him if he hasn't taken the washing down to the basement yet. He's been promising to do it for days. Nearly a week. And I wish I could find my other sneaker. It is so embarrassing having to wear odd shoes. Mind you the podiatrist will kill me when she finds out I have lost one of those sneakers. I wonder whether my legs will ever feel normal again?

    It hurts to get old, and your mind and brain don't co-ordinate anymore".

    Good fun Daryl. Thanks.

  5. The Story: Marilyn Whirlwind of Cicely, Alaska decided to relocate to NYC after hearing Dr. Fleischman wax nostalgically about the place for 5 years. Although many would think it would be a shock to the system to move from a town of 215 to a city of over 8 million, Marilyn Whirlwind adjusted easily, and never changed her ways. She was unflappable.

  6. I need to get that lightbulb in my closet fixed. Right after dinner....

  7. Sadie was grateful for the food the people at the center gave her. She carried it home to the old apartment in her favorite Fairway bags, she always reused, the earth was nearly as old as she was.

    Tonight she would make soup and pull out the old photo albums. She might even go through the closet and try to match her outfits better. Now that she has a place to go each day she felt stronger and more hopeful.

    I love ya Daryl

  8. "It's a place where you probably should wear your old clothes ..."
    it said in the ad for the Market... And being from out of town, she listened to them. Stupid tourist! they didn't mean mismatched shoes and and wool coat!
    She found it, she shopped it, she sent gift baskets to friends back home, and she fell in love with the cheese shop and the takeout, now to find the bus to get to the hotel... and get out of this frigging coat.

  9. PS; I like this better than the park.

  10. Love it! I have a gazillion stories running through my head!

  11. "I brought it - two bags of toilet papers. Now if these babies can't block the sound of screams, then I'm going back for more."

    what was I thinking? no clue. those words just spill my from head when I saw the photo

  12. All my bags are packed, but I'm not ready to go. I'm walking the streets of NYC, and I feel so low. I hate to wake family and friends up - for a cup. I'm leaving for Bellevue, I don't know if I'll be back with you. Oh, Big Apple I hate to go.


  13. Woman in the mismatched shoes,
    I see her every day.
    Humming a tune of rhythm and blues,
    she lacks a job to give her pay.

    Once from the kindness of my heart,
    I gave the woman fifty bucks.
    She bought bags of pastry tarts,
    giving to the poor down on their luck.

    I felt much admiration for this
    while I hummed a tune of rhythm and blues.
    Charity meant more to this Miss,
    than wearing matching shoes.

  14. This is obvious, I think. An advanced society on Venus was dying due to a preponderance of tweed and polyester. With their home planet no longer able to sustain high-end retailers, the Venutians sent out The Twelve--the designer, the critic, the model, the photographer, and their ilk--to the planet Earth, for the purpose of establishing colonies and plundering it for themselves.

    Prime targets were Paris, Milan, Miami and NYC. Reports were sent back to the home planet, and it was decided to unleash a particularly Machiavellian plan.

    Venutian scientists had developed a virus, which, if unleashed among humans, would degrade their fashion sense until they became little more than blinking, stumbling hayseeds.

    So, the virus was unleashed, cleverly concealed in Starbuck's products and bottled water. Highly contagious, it spread within the week. Heidi Klum was seen in public wearing a blue pup tent and her husband's old slippers. Victoria's Secret merged with J Crew, ruining both and further raising prices.

    Ill-matched shoes became popular with hip hop artists, and then wealthy white suburban teenagers. In the waning days of human civilization, women took to wearing trash bin lids as chapeaus, and men adorned themselves with burlap smoking jackets with little patches on the sleeves.

    Those few not affected shrank in horror from the new government edict to wear mom jeans. Humanity fell, and the Venutians sent crews into every department store and specialty shop, filling their spacecraft to bursting with smart fashions no longer desired by the human population.

    Do you see this picture? It is a warning. According to the Mayan calendar, all of this will take place in 2011. Beware!

  15. Hello, my first stop to your lovely place.;) Thank you for taking the time to visit me after Hilary's nomination, that means a lot. I am sorry I am thanking you so late, I was on a blog break.;)
    Much love,

  16. My story is short...

    Note to self: Keep dog away from loose shoes.

    Love this idea.

    Happy Easter,

  17. Yeah, so my shoes ain't fashionable. They're comfy and that's enough for me. If you don't like 'em, well go walk ten miles in your 4 inchers and then come back and we'll talk!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. "Fashion is about individuality. I'm so individual I decided I'd wear one of each shoe! And who says I can't rock this 'vintage' wool coat on a very warm spring day here in the city. Besides, they totally match the brown of my left shoe--with a match like that how can I NOT risk heat exhaustion for a look this good?!?!"

    Btw, I can't tell the gender but by the hands I'm thinking woman even though the pants and shoes say man to me. The hands aren't young which makes me think that this person has lived a life long enough to either do as they please simply because they can or do as they please in order to spite everyone else.

    These shots make me think of every time I'm on the train in NYC or the Metro here in DC; I see the lower halves of people and we're all so varied it makes me want to capture the moments but I don't want to capture them enough to live through the awkward stares as I start snapping away with my camera.

  20. I'm heading for Telegraph Avenue. Shattuck Avenue is getting too hostile. They expect me to be a fashion plate?!? ssheeeeeeesh!

  21. When the urge hits..
    I must grab whatever lies
    in the way of my feet.

    Traveling bags in hands..
    yes, they do match but
    who's to say the others don't.

  22. Once upon a time as someone was wandering through New York, a shoe store caught her eye.

    Not really needing shoes but acknowledging that need is not a factor in any sentence involving shoes, she decided to go in just to look around.

    She shook her head at all the shoes which bored her, which were most of them.

    Then she spied The Ones. They were different. Colorful. Perhaps even eccentric.

    Then she spied another pair, more conservative and predictable, that she also liked.

    Unable to decide between the two styles, she bought both, and in the frenzy of that initial indecision ended up leaving the store with one each of the new shoes still on her feet.

    On the walk home, she looked down and remembered that she had a different shoe on each foot.

    She didn't care. In fact, she laughed. It felt good.

    When she got home, she took off her new shoes and placed them carefully in the closet before lying down for the night.

    It was a good day. She still laughs when she thinks about walking those streets with the two different shoes on.

  23. I am practical. Comfort is so much more important that style. If I were stylish, who really would be looking at me?
    I must shop for Sunday dinner. How effective would I be if I were strolling on 5th avenue with 5 inch heels and aching feet?
    I dress for me.
    If you don't like it....don't friggin' look!

  24. I know my shoes don't match
    But you should know I don't care
    I am, in a way, free
    Only not so when you stare
    So if you find me odd
    Please just look the other way
    I am, in a way, free
    I am off to enjoy my day

  25. Hmmmm... have to think on this. And get my GD blog back! UGH! Designers!

  26. OMG, it's that same dream, well, close. At least I have clothes on in this this better??? ..shit!!!I'm Cinderella...omg, I've lost TWO SHOES...when do I start to run?....I know I won't be able to scream.....
    wake up
    wake up
    wake up

  27. Caption: The season for Layers

    Cool shot.

  28. I'm leaving on a jet plane
    with my blue suede shoes and I like my style!


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