and the winner is...

Sandy who blogs at Curly's Corner wins The Lovely Bones, if you email me your snailmail address, I'll send it out forthwith.

A while back I won a give-away from BritGalintheUSA aka Sarah ... the complications of a very bad cold and a misaddressed package slowed down my receiving my prizes ... and wonderful things they are .. meant to pamper a lass.

Well part of the loot, er, winnings is The Lovely Bones, as luck would have it I already own a copy so with Sarah's blessing I offered to one my readers.

Today when the box arrived I asked ToonMan to pick a number between 1-25 and he chose 13.

Sandy was the 13th commenter on that post.

So she wins.

Ta da.


  1. Well, Sandy is in for a treat. Great read. I think it is being made into a movie? But what book isn't made into a movie these days?

  2. You got pretty nice bones yerself, Dar!

    Aloha from Hawaii my Friend

    Comfort Spiral

  3. Congrats to Sandy, then. And hey, my signed Daniel Sunjata autograph came today. Thanks!!

  4. Congrats to Sandy!!!

    I see NYC is bursting with spring (or at least it looked like that on The Today Show). Hope you have a great weekend.


  5. Yay to Sandy and also to Country Girl on her autograph.

    wv: empsy. I'm feeling empsy because I got nothing done today and didn't win anything.

  6. I loved the book. I read it when it first came out and was surprised how much I liked it. I haven't been interested in seeing the movie for some reason although I may eventually.

  7. I am so happy! I never win anything! Thank you! I've sent you my snail mail address. Thank you all for your congrats!

    My wv is litterid! How appropriate!


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