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This wonderful proposal was photographed for me by Mojo and he even sent me the 'backstory':
"Yeah, that was a real WTF moment, that was taken December last 30th when I was on my way to Topsail Island.  I was on US 17 just about to make the turn onto the secondary highway to North Topsail Beach and I was past it before it really registered what it said.
So I turned around and drove back because I knew I'd forget if I waited until I was on my way back on the 1st.  I saw another similar one somewhere on the way home but it wasn't a proposal, just an 'I Love You Betty Sue' or something.  Apparently this is a common practice in the Topsail Beach area.  I couldn't help but think about all those proposals that you see on the Jumbotron at the hockey games and how I always think 'Damn, I hope he's sure what the answer would be.'"


  1. it's a great shot but I have to confess that I find these things annoying as all hell

    wouldn't it be hilarious if there was a giant 'NO' billboard down the road?

    Yes, I'm going to hell
    it's OK

  2. Your so funny Diane!...
    though I find this very romantic,thanks Mojo.

  3. Pretty funny. I'm not sure I'd like it if it involved me.

    Ralph never actually proposed to me. We just knew. He did give me a ring. Just put it on my finger without a word.

  4. Makes me wonder if Sara was just driving to work one day saw that, or maybe she was concentrating on her driving so much she missed it?

  5. I always find these interesting!

    Sure, I can understand the sentiments, but I always wonder about the odds where there might be a different woman with the same name/boyfriend who mistakes this as a proposal. I can only imagine the reaction he'll have when he has to fess up that it wasn't his proposal sign.

  6. I wouldn't like to be proposed to in this fashion, but that's just me.

  7. I think the sign could be romantic and if the girl said no - other people would never know. Unless they put up another billboard!

  8. Man, I should really learn to type someday. "December last 30th"??

    And Dianne, honey, save me a seat because that's about the funniest thing I've heard lately.

    People are strange, yeah?

  9. So sorry that I have been MIA!
    too much grandma duty!!!
    What bill board
    totally loved it.
    Dianne's comment made me laugh.
    Hope you are well and cheerful?

  10. I always wonder about those proposals that show up on jumbotrons. There's only so much time for them to be up there before a replay or something knocks them off. What happens if they put it up there just after your girlfriend decides to visit the restroom? Can you ask for your money back?

  11. Looks like it has been a while since I stopped to read here Daryl. These billboards look interesting...!! Hope you have been keeping well!

  12. I don't know where Topsail is but it must be a romantic place...and I would think that whoever paid for a sign like this would be fairly sure the answer would be "Yes!"

    Then, again, maybe he was trying to put a little pressure on...?

    Great photo in any case!

  13. We see these often here in Atlanta...i think they are so sweet...

  14. Day-um, Dianne!
    Ol' «Louis» had just taken a sip o'kawffee - now it's splattered all over the computer screen!

  15. I've seen those on that same highway. Great one for your signs post.

  16. I love it! And yes, I always think about whether the answer is yes when I see those proposals on the board at the hockey games. Geez!

    The Topsail Beach area is between Camp Lejeune (full of marines and sailors) and Wilmington (full of college students). No telling which of the group this proposal came from, but it's romantic nonetheless....Peace - D

  17. Prairie Home Companion had a response to a proposal in the messages people in the audience give Garrison Keillor to read on the air. It was, "Yes, I'll marry you--especially since you've already announced our engagement on Facebook."


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