sign posts

This wonderful proposal was photographed for me by Mojo and he even sent me the 'backstory':
"Yeah, that was a real WTF moment, that was taken December last 30th when I was on my way to Topsail Island.  I was on US 17 just about to make the turn onto the secondary highway to North Topsail Beach and I was past it before it really registered what it said.
So I turned around and drove back because I knew I'd forget if I waited until I was on my way back on the 1st.  I saw another similar one somewhere on the way home but it wasn't a proposal, just an 'I Love You Betty Sue' or something.  Apparently this is a common practice in the Topsail Beach area.  I couldn't help but think about all those proposals that you see on the Jumbotron at the hockey games and how I always think 'Damn, I hope he's sure what the answer would be.'"