shooting the moon

Yesterday TSAnnie threw down the gauntlet "A WOLF MOON! If you have a clear sky and good camera, get outside tonight and capture the Wolf Moon! Photos please!"

I love a challenge.  I said to ToonMan we need to get a photo of the Wolf Moon.  So he goes to Google to see when it is going to happen exactly .. and as if by magic Lee Goldberg the crack meteorologist on WABC here in NYC remarks on the moon, that tonite, right now, its at its brightest.

So we look at one another .. ToonMan says I will go up to the roof and see if we can see it

I reply - but you'll have to come back down to let me know .. maybe take my iPhone and call me?

Then I think by the time I show him how to use it the moon, if visible, will be gone .. but great minds think alike and he says call the landline now.  Brilliant.  I do.  He takes the iPhone and goes to the elevator.

I start to bundle up in case he can see the moon ...

Third Floor .. Donna's bedroom .. Fifth Floor .. Carl's apartment .. ToonMan is giving me alerts as the elevator slowly climbs to the 6th floor.

I am walking up the stairs, he reports, opening the door  .. Oh wow ... get your butt up here NOW!  he says and so I finish dressing, grab the new camera and ring for the elevator.

I get to the roof and he's pointing .. you missed the best shot but if we wait a few minutes those clouds over there will move to the moon and you will have a fabulous shot.

The moon is magnificent, bright and BIG .. I decide while I am waiting on the clouds to fire off a few shots.  But as soon as I focus on the moon I realize my 18-105mm lens ain't gonna cut it .. I am looking at a moon through the viewfinder but the LED screen after I snap shows me a little tiny circle of light in the midst of an inky dark sky.

ToonMan offers suggestions like lean against something to steady yourself  and change the setting ...  except its pitch fucking black out and there are no lights ... wait, the iPhone has a 'flashlight' app .. I turn it on .. I fumble, my fingers are ice cold, I try to figure out what setting to use, I should have brought up the manual!

The clouds move into place, the moon and clouds are exquisite .. I snap a few more and say I am freezing, this lens isn't strong enough, lets go inside.  So we do.

Here are my 3 best shots ...

click on the photos to get the 'full' effect .. 


  1. I wanted to shoot the "wolf moon" but wasn't able to get outside last night. Glad one of us was able to do it!

    That last shot is amazing!!!

  2. I have never been more frustrated in my LIFE! What the hell kind of camera are you supposed to use??? I thought for sure you'd get a perfection shot. Dammit!
    (Well, that last one IS all kinds of perfection.)

  3. Good for you. For a while I thought you weren't going to get it done. We were clouded over last night but when it is out the snow reflects it back at us and it is so light out at night.

  4. Daryl, your camera is fabulous. It captured the man in the moon on that last one!

    Thus far there's been nothing more frustrating to me than trying to take pictures at night. Unless you count trying to keep up with laundry.

    Great story, I feel like I was right there fumbling with freezing fingers.

  5. it's definitely too cold to shot the moon but I applaud your effort
    -the last pic makes me chuckle, thanks

  6. Looks that wolf moon is smiling!

    You need a tripod to shoot the moon. But I'm lovin' that view from your roof.

  7. Very clever! But I think that man in the 3rd shot is making fun of you...or he's making fun of me! Hey!

    I heard all about the "Wolf Moon" and how it was to be the biggest and brightest of the year...and finally I decided to go outside and look but it was just like all the other moons I've shot, so I went back inside and put the camera away.

    Maybe I was too late - should have gotten it coming up over the horizon. Or should have been on a NYC rooftop!

  8. On crutches still, so I had to ignore the call of the wolf moon, but I remember my delight when I finally figured out how to take a decent shot of the moon. It took some practice, but "Understanding Eposure" was what helped me figure it out. It's in my Amazon store, though I bet you can find it in a bookstore somewhere close by.

  9. How funny, as we drove home tonight we were stunned by the deep orange huge moon. So I ran home got my telephoto, drove to a higher poit and snapped away.

    Than I saw this lol! I am saving mine for SWF.

  10. You and the Tman, must take a big big bow. Bravo.
    I can't shoot the moon worth a sh..,

  11. That last one is definitely the best. Too bad you didn't get a shot of it howling, only smirking.

  12. Maybe it's the skunky stuff I just had, but that last one- that moon is winking at me!!

  13. Fabulous job! It is UNBELIEVABLY cold here tonight...and I honestly cannot bring myself to take my frigid fingers outside to take a picture of anything. So, I enjoyed seeing it here!!

  14. I tried shooting the moon.. ah..
    Even with a tripod, you know what?
    The damn moon moves!
    someone who knows this camera stuff told me the name of the effect.. get technical and my ears shut like a Venus fly trap.So it's not your or your camera its the ??? wiggle moon effect.

  15. The last one is definitely my favorite ;-).

    I didn't even hear about the wolf moon but nevermind, it was way too overcast here last night anyway.

  16. I need to practice 'shooting the moon.' Mine turn out badly, for the most part. Perhaps I should just resort to ones likeyour last photo; it's cute!

  17. Is that moon winking at me?
    I saw the moon very early, pale and beautiful. By the time I got home, it was lost in clouds. Kept looking time and again, but never was able to catch it. Just as well. My little camera would never have done the job, and I would just have been frustrated.

  18. you guys kill me ;)

    I see that the moon was also amused

    I love the shot with the lights of nearby buildings - it all looks a bit fluid and so very romantic

    so did you two make out while you were up there!? hehehehehehehehe

  19. Any reason to hit the rooftop! Looks like someone got a smile out of it all!

  20. the last pic is PURRRRRRRRFECT! love it.
    we did not even get to see it... was way too cloudy.

  21. Oh very nice. It was amazing wasn't it. Love the last one!

  22. Shooting the moon is always hard! You did great on short notice with a new camera!

  23. Love that last mischievous moon. How cool to have such a view from your roof.

    The first shot was set at over one second shutter speed (1.3 seconds.. I checked) and that's why the moon and city lights aren't coming into proper view.

    When shooting into a bright light like that you need to speed it up considerably. The quicker the shutterspeed, the more detail you'll get in that bright moonlight. The moon will appear larger and darker. I shot mine at around 1/400th of a second.

    If you can find the setting which allows you to change just shutter speed ("shutter speed preferred" - the camera will find the best aperture) set it higher and try again when the moon is still decent for the next couple of nights. You'll be prepared for next time.

    I tend to fumble with those settings all the time too and still seem to need to relearn the process each time as I go but it does get easier and faster. And fun.

    Great amusing post, my friend. And I think that despite the cold, being up on the roof with a moon like that over the city is incredibly romantic.

  24. Only you could get the man in the moon to wink at you;)

  25. At least you got to see it. We've been covered in clouds and fog.

  26. I read that Friday night the moon would be biggest moon of 2010 and I wasn't able to see it. It was raining here. Just my luck.

    Love your story and pictures.

  27. Lovely shots of the moon. I got some shots of the setting moon this morning. They are easier for me than the night ones.

  28. I always find it SO hard to shoot the moon! LOVE the last shot. Happy Moon!

  29. It is positively stunning.
    I am glad you braved the cold and got dressed just for that : )


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