an email from my sister

I see this cat every day when I pass the cat vet on 76th street.

She has been in their window, I think, for well over a month
I want to see her find a home
because she seems so sad
like she has given up.

If you could post this on your blog
ask your network
to post it on their blogs and sites
then maybe she will find a
forever home.

She is located at
Manhattan Cat Specialists
230 W. 76 Street, New York, NY

I took the picture of the photo/description that is in their window with my iPhone
so let's see if we can use the network to find her a home
like they returned the lost dog to her owner in the cute iPhone commercial.



  1. i will post to my blog, twitter and FB today!

  2. I'd love to provide a home for all the lonely cats in the world, but alas it's not possible. :(

  3. That just breaks my heart; how could anyone abandon their pet. I wish I could provide a home to each and every kitty that needs one, but that would make me the crazy cat lady. What I really wish is that more people would find how truly wonderful cats are as pets. I don't know where I would be without Frank and Nancy.

  4. I agree with MPM, this is heartbreaking. I'm hoping that it won't be long before you post a happy ending:)

  5. I put this on my sidebar with a link to your post.

  6. No doubt you have enough cats. I do, too. But someone will come along and give this beauty a home, I'm sure.

  7. I'll bet if you contacted Apple or AT&T with this they'd find somebody to take her in. Or Google for that matter.

    There's no end to what companies will do for good PR.

  8. poor latifah :-( every kitty deserves a loving home...I can't take in any more animals in my apartment, but I posted a link to your blog on my facebook...hopefully someone will come along to love her.

  9. Hope someone nearby can adopt the

  10. OHH, Poor baby. :(
    positive thought for the kitty.

  11. Is there any update about Latifah?
    (Jan 25,10) I've posted everywhere I have to do so. I'm really a big fan of leverage, I like the fact that it can be applied both ways.
    Here, let the many affect the few (one) in a good way! I'm also a campaigner, if you would please offer updates, I will spread them to 10,000+ and growing.

  12. A big thank you to everyone who is trying to help Latifah. So far she is still in the window of the cat vet...still waiting to be adopted. I passed by there tonight and saw her.


  13. Oh, this makes me so sad. I so hope she finds a home.

    Right now I have FIVE stray cats that hang out at my house. Only one is tame enough to catch, but it makes me sad. I can't keep them for many reasons, the least of which is not that the tamest one beats up on one of my cats and almost killed him recently.

    I'm sure if I were there I'd go get this cat,though.

  14. the whole animal situation depresses me. I can't even get into it.

    Great that you're spreading the word. I truly hope she gets a home soon. She looks very sweet.

  15. Can you talk them into sneakin her onto my front door step when Scott's not lookin???


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