book review/giveaway

Recently I was contacted by a publishing house, Baffled By Travel, asking me to review a book about New York City.  Not a book of fiction which I read a lot of but a book intended for both visitors to and natives of New York City.

A sort of guide book that claims to share 'the best of New York in just 10 seconds'  ...   a select guide to the best places to stay, eat, shop and explore.

How you may ask can they do this in 10 seconds?

Extremely well.  It has maps, indices, and covers every aspect of visiting NYC from fun & cheap  to the chi-chi .. and everything inbetween and it does this for not just food and accommodations but shopping, sightseeing and more.

I have read and enjoyed both the photos and the information inside this slick volume which sells for $22.95 in US/Canada.

The nice people at Baffled By Travel have given me 3 copies of this terrific book to give to 3 of you.. you can check the book out by clicking here and you can look at the collages I put together because, really, I am not a writer and could never do justice to this book with just words.


If you would like to have one of these, please leave me a comment and tell me why you'd like one and I will have ToonMan do a random drawing on Wednesday and announce the winner on Thursday
Clicking on the collages will embiggen them...