what time is it?

Cooler temps and the falling leaves say its Pay It Forward time!
Here's how.
Leave me a comment and on Saturday I will print out your comments, fold them up, put them in a cap and let ToonMan pick the winner.

If you win, you must then pay it forward on your blog ... okay?
I have a a special prize for whoever wins .. what is it?

Well I am going to let my friends Fred & Bessie tell you

These fabulous cards made by The Good Flea ...

Click'in will embiggin the pix!


  1. Makes me want to put my wreathes up...to soon?

  2. I win just by coming and hanging out here, Daryl (A break from all this tropical splendor - LOL!)

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  3. Ha! You changed your banner to the Walk of the Dame photo - love it.

    I knew animals besides human ate cheetos, I just knew it.

  4. Oh, how fun! I'm with Cloudia... I'm already a winner just for loving your blog.

    I love Fred & Bessie & I love those cheese things. Well, it's actually kind of a love-hate relationship with the cheese things.

  5. are they orange snacks? we call them twisties and they're addictive!

    happy fall daryl!

  6. Your new banner is a great way to use the photo of the impressions of your feet. I like it.

  7. Fred & Bessie! Haven't seen them around in a while. How've they been?

  8. Sounds like fun; I'm in!

    I love the new banner! Very creative and spunky! :)

  9. What do you call a cow with an orange nose?

  10. Fred and Bessie are back ??

    I remember them from my carefree
    lurking days.. in a way they are
    responsible for me decloaking and
    chasing gators ...

    Thank you Daryl.!!!!!!


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