waiting, impatiently

THIS is actually Toby.
He owns Dr. Andy Kaplan
who, in turn, heads up City Vet Care
(where he cares for Gus & Rose)
And he is the heart of  The Toby Project

THIS is Griff, Toby's BFF
(thanks to ToonMan for pointing out my error)


  1. what an amazing project & Toby has an adorable face!

  2. Toby is beautiful and well done to Dr. Kaplan and The Toby Project. Give that beautiful dog a pat from me one day.

  3. Hugs to all especially Dr. Kaplan :) How is Gus doing?

  4. Toby and Dr.K. are doing a really good thing!

  5. A wonderful dog's portait! Colouring is so nice.

  6. Toby is a cutie pie and such a good dog! Thank you for your blog and I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!

  7. Toby rules!
    and so do you for telling us about Dr. Kaplan's Toby Project.
    Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely!

  8. Just want to give that pup some loving. What a handsome dog.

  9. toby has the most loving and kind face
    and I love his highlights ;)

    the toby project is masterful
    kudos to Dr Andy
    a good heart and he's cute!!

    it's so simple to make sure your pets are spayed/neutered and to make sure they don't roam - people must do it

    and it's so much better to adopt than buy

    I think I'll check out some toby gear as holiday gifts

  10. That Toby is one heck of a good looking guy. Kudos to Dr. Kaplan and the toby Project. One of God's angels!

  11. Ah, shoot! These are just too cute...that first one reminds me of Haley who is at this moment up on the couch in almost exactly the same position. Haley is snoring, though!

    And the second...well, that's a delightful looking canine! What great eyes. I'd probably overfeed him.

    BF'sF are nice!

  12. Put them on the next plane to B'HAM !!! I want them both. Hurry!

  13. Ah-hum.. I am up for adoption if Dr Andy is interested? :)

  14. Both pups are adorable....
    Toby seems so laid back..
    my kind of dawg.

  15. Tody and Griff are adorable! You gotta love any project whose goal is to end the killing of adoptable dogs and cats each year in New York City, or any city for that matter! Great job Dr. Andy.

  16. You are so great at photographing dogs. Both wonderful shots.

  17. Two beauties. How do you walk out of there without wanting to take them with you? Gorgeous photos, Daryl. :)

  18. Couple of great looking pals there. And pretty mellow ones too from the look of it.

    Wish I could bring my bud to work with me, it would make things SO much more ... more.


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