this & that tuesday

Last week I was on my way home, walking down 80th Street.
It was late, it was getting dark and it was cold.
Midway down the street there was a barricade of saw horses blocking my path.
I would have gone around it, walked in the street but there was a car parked .. did I mention it was late, cold and dark?.

So I did what any annoyed New Yorker would have done.
I moved the saw horse and walked .. through fresh, not quite hardened, cement

Left my mark, so to speak

On Saturday afternoon
I took that and this
to show off my dainty size 10.5 imprint ..
but it is there for ..
well ..
til forever ..

And then there was this.
On Sunday after the NYC Marathon

This Marathon Man
celebrated completing the 26.5 mile run
with a cigar and his Blackberry

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