dinner with friends

This past Monday after a workshop at the new Apple Store on Broadway at 68th Street I met Jeane of ARTIT and her BFF Lisa in from the Seattle area for a few days of museum visits, shopping and blog meet ups.

I love Jeane's art, a while back I sent her two small already painted on canvases and all my old oil paint. I don't paint any more and I knew she wanted to try painting in oil; she has done some fabulous stuff this is one piece she did back then AND she brought me a new painting.  I must take a photo of when its hung .. she used one of the old canvases I sent her.

We had drinks and dinner at a Nick & Toni's Cafe on West 67th St; after much laughter, good adult libations and some yummy food we walked uptown on Columbus Avenue passing Magnolia Bakery, if you don't know Magnolia, click here, they specialize in cupcakes.

What a coincidence ..

Jeane's favorite food? Cupcakes!

She got a red velvet and enjoyed every bite.

Then we did some window shopping at Intermix... good thing they werent open!

She's coming back to town this summer and I cannot wait.