new bookmark

I use postcards and photos as bookmarks ... currently I am reading Michael Connelly's Scarecrow, an excellent suspense novel, and I am now marking my place with this

It arrived yesterday in the mail from Erin over at The Good Life in Virginia ... you may have heard that OysterFest was held this past weekend in Urbanna.

I wasnt able to attend but some of the other Virginia BlogFest ladies (and gents) were; Erin hoped to meet up with them but didnt.   She is however considering joining in BlogFest '10 this summer.  WOOT!


  1. That's a lovely bookmark, enjoy your book. :)

    I'm reading 'Genesis' by Karin Slaughter at the moment.

  2. Love the post card...I use all manner of odd things for bookmarks, anything not to dog ear the pages of my keepsakes and giveaways!! Once I took a bobby pin from my hair to mark my spot while I was in the Doctor's office. Your bookmark is much prettier than that!

  3. I'd love to meet Erin from the Good Life in VA! I also like your post card.
    I'm using a feather in the Guernsey Literary book.

  4. Erin from the Good Life should definitely come to Blog Fest in 2010. WE'd love to have her. Sorry we didn't get to meet her at Oyster Fest.

    That's a gorgeous bookmark, but that woman kissing on the oyster in the parade? She was out of control, I saw her. After she kissed the oyster she kissed an old shriner and ended up dancing with him in the street. It was embarassing for those of us on the sidelines....

    How did you get that picture?!

    Can't wait to meet Erin.

  5. I have visited Erin's site, and it is wonderful!

  6. I like Michael Connelly, too. You must be a very smart person!

    I would use your bookmark if I had it, but usually I grab anything close at hand.

    One thing you should not do, however, is use your latest utility bill for a bookmark, and then not look at the book for 2-3 weeks.

  7. I too do this...and if l cant find something, I always find it in one of several books I carry, just in case one doesnt fit the reading mood!!

  8. Love the bookmark :) I'm reading The Neighbor by Lisa Gardner, but Scarecrow is waiting for me next...

    Yay for BlogFest '10 and love the oyster picture :) hahaha

  9. That looks like a fun place. I love the postcard.

  10. You got a crab! Cool.

    Wish I could attend blog-O-rama...

    I oughta send you something...a Hawaii calendar? Address please, Daryl.

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  11. heya...good to see it arrived :)
    will get some photos up on my blog soon. took a bunch....


  12. Those do make the best bookmarks and this one is so cute! A nice memento too....

  13. See, I usually use the register tape from the bookstore. You're just too urbane, D.

    I'm currently reading Links, a collection of short stories by a blogger friend of mine Kaylia Metcalfe whom you might remember from The Seven earlier this year.

  14. Very cool! Getting postcards is fun! I use all kinds of random things for bookmarks, pictures, receipts, napkins, whatever is handy.


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