Dona Nobis Pacem ... Grant Us Peace

Dona Nobis Pacem
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  1. It amazes me how many people think of John Lennon when the topic of peace comes up. I hope you'll visit my blog. It is pretty much a tribute to him and other songs of peace.

    Wishing you Miles of Smiles and peace to you and yours.

  2. That's a great quote for today's "blog blast for peace".
    I am originally from NY - currently residing in SF - so I am very happy to discover your blog and hope to visit for often :)

  3. From John's lips, and your keyboard, to god's ears.

  4. One of his best contributions to music!
    Nicely done!
    Have a peaceful day!

  5. Love me some John... so does my 17 year old son.

  6. Awesome. The words, the sentiment, even the color of the blue is soothing.

  7. A beautiful Peace Globe, Daryl. He said it so well.

  8. One of my favorite songs...

    It seems, though, that we get farther and farther away from any chance of peace, here or abroad. The crazies are stronger and united in their nuttiness and determined to make life everywhere a hell on earth because their god or principles demand it.

    I'm feeling awfully old these days!

  9. We all want it. I guess the question is, Who's peace?

  10. I think "Imagine" is probably the definitive peace anthem -- at least of the modern age. I can't think of another song that does it as well.

    Well played Daryl. Well played indeed.

  11. Great post and now I've got to go to youtube and try and hear it. I can't quite get the tune in my head!!! Darn......

  12. I love your globe and John Lennon's words always resonate. Peace to you and yours, Carver

  13. peace from here - it is a doable thing :)

  14. Thank you for participating in the BlogBlast For Peace!

    peace to all who surround you


  15. “There is no way to peace, peace is the way.”
    A. J. Muste


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