waiting, impatiently

At the GreenFlea
this older pup
decided she wanted
Look at that face!
She got just what she wanted,
to be in her
mama's arms!


  1. That's one smart puppy! Love it!
    No green market this weekend - damn hospital thingy - but hopefully next weekend??? Too lazy to email. I'm pathetic.

  2. What a sweety, know how to work the mama!

  3. She is a sweet and cute little dog! Kooks like she is having a happy life!:-) I liked all the details in this photo.

  4. I'd be happy, too! :-)

    Every now and then I will turn around and see Bosco looking at me as if I just dropped down from his Lucky Star. It's really nice.

  5. Who owns who here? Too funny.
    I think I would like the GreenFlea!
    Enjoy your day Daryl!

  6. This is adorable, Daryl. Hope you have a nice weekend even though I know you will be making trips to the dry cleaners.


  7. A very neat arrangement of pictures to show off the
    different expressions of the pup. I take it that that is
    the maximum one can use at a time.

  8. baby face that's what that is. i love dogs (and cats too)! I can tell this dog has a good mamma.

  9. That's s sweet looking little thing. And clever. :)

  10. Well we both captured some fine pups this weekend. I have many more to share! Glad this guy got his wish.

  11. And the look on her face says: "See? I knew she'd go for it." Cool stuff!

    And I am WAAAAY behind on visiting everyone. Mea culpa!


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