anyone want a photo printer?

The printer's new home will be just upstairs with our neighbor Mat.

I got a new photo printer (that's NOT it)
& want to find a home for the old one.
Its 18 mos. old

I am happy to give it to whoever wants it
is willing to come pick it up &/or pay for shipping.

Its a Canon ip4300, as pictured above, click here to read the specs etc..
I also have a few extra color ink cartridges.
there is one downside,
the reason I am willing to let it go ..
the top feeder doesn't want to feed the card stock I use.
It used to but lately it wont.
It does have a bottom try feeder as well .. as seen in the photo above.

If you are interested, leave me a comment
if there's more than one person interested
I will do a drawing to determine who gets it.