toonsday - id/ego

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  1. Perfection in two panes...and I'm goin' for the SUPER-ego! Freud would be proud!

  2. Love it when you do these
    2-frame toons. I like the one of Daryl/Ray the best.

  3. So this is the Toonsday version of sawing a lady in half?

  4. i love the work you do on toons. at first i didn't understand the post though :)

  5. Haha!! This pairs perfectly with my post today!! :^)

  6. very funny, & your readers comments are funny too!

  7. Meaning: "I want to kill something, at least half of me does."

    Ray, this is the last comment I'm making on your toons until you get your own blog.
    It's not fair hiding your talents behind her skirts.
    Well,it's your 30+ year relationship so who am I to quibble.
    I just think you have a lot of value, I mean, My God, if your can paint without it even being noticed ... what could you do with a blog? ;)

  8. This is exactly how I feel today.

    Brilliant! Love this one, Ray.


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