sign posts

On the door of a
locked up tight old gas station
Mathews, VA.


  1. Actually, Daryl, this is a courtesy updating of the old sign:
    "G I T!!!!"


    Aloha ha ha

    Comfort Spiral

  2. love the peeling paint and the ambiance implied.

  3. Good one. I don't have peddlers these days, but I would love one telling the politicians to go away.

  4. A gas station discriminating against cyclists! Shocking!

  5. The last peddlars we got were selling fish! :)

  6. The assumption is that peddlers can read. Or, is he referring to bicyclers?

  7. Love it.. but you guys really have to stop with the Mathews pics.. you are sending me on goose chases trying to find where the were!

  8. Probably because people on bicycles don't buy gas, they just occasionally get a little of that free air and mosey on down the road. And no gas sold=one out of business gas station.

    Oh wait. That's spelled...


  9. Don't you just wonder what they were peddeling back then? Have a fun labor day weekend. We are at the shore soaking in the last glorious rays of summer. Don't want it to end.

  10. I've never met a sign I haven't liked. which reminds me of my all time favorite sign...which will be featured in my blog...if I can find it!

  11. Provocative post. Who gets so worried about peddlers, he/she has to put up a sign. Then goes out of business. No worrying about peddlers, now! Hah.

    There's a moral here somewhere.

    By the by, you're right about the Barefoot Postman. We've driven by many times. The story is fascinating, too. But I can't remember all the details...just that he slogged through swamps filled with gators, etc., to deliver the mail so many years ago!

  12. Wonder if that is for the girls on the corner? Nah....

    ps ~ A BIG thank you from the principle of our local elementary school for the supplies~

  13. Oh, how freaky is this? Last night, while perusing photos for something to post on my photo blog, I began working on this very same sign. (I took it standing next to you, remember?) Then I decided not to and posted the Davis Creek Marina photo instead.
    Weird, right? I thought so.

  14. A notice taken too seriously,even by the customers.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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