a few things ...

Thank you to Joyce of Flour Power for these yummy cookies
& this HOT peach salsa

*Anita's back! Don't remember her? Go meet her; she's back with some really great photos, so click here for her new blog.

*As many of you know, David McMahon (the blogger Den Mom extraordinaire!) has decided to leave blogland to work on his novels ... and now someone has offered to keep his Sunday Roasts going .. head over to Maggie May's to read all about it. Click here

And last but not least ...

I need to thank whoever sent me the subscription to New York Magazine.

It began arriving a few weeks ago
I didn't order it, ToonMan didn't order it, the kits didn't order it ...
so I am wondering
did one of you?


  1. Re: the magazine. Only the shadow knows.

    Re: the cookies. Yummm.

    Re: the salsa. Yumm, too. But not on the cookies.

    Have a great evening!

  2. that peach salsa sounds good...i like fruity flavor salsas.

    and cookies...who wouldn't like to receive cookies...yummy.

    have a good evening.

  3. Hmmm... it may remain a mystery forever! But, if it does, then just pretend it's from me.


  4. I was stuffed a minute ago. Now I am hungry for those cookies. They sure do look good.

  5. You are one well-loved friend. Much deserved I'd say.

  6. Yum to all that, a fun night in your home is to be had!

  7. I only send you intangible gifts, Daryl....

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  8. You are like a celebrity : ) People are sending cookies and salsa! Such a super star you are : )

  9. Geesh your lucky getting cookies from the flour lady....I see her in person and she never brings me cookies!!

  10. I wish I could say that I sent it but that would be fibbin'.
    So I'll just thank you for what you just sent me. (Loved the card, btw).

  11. This is your SECRET mission... dumdum dum dum dumdum..
    No, wasn't me. You never gave me your address again after the last disaster and you moved. xo

  12. Ooo... secret admirers sending you gifts...hmmmm...I hope you solve the mystery!

  13. no, not me, not guilty!


    ps Love the window box flowers..good on you Daryl!

  14. I wonder if NY magazine sent it to you? I am dying to know, I love mysteries.
    I love cookies, how sweet of the flour lady!
    so, what do you eat with peach salsa? it sounds delightful.
    You got a good thing going on here Daryl!


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