summer stock sunday

for more of this photo project hosted by Robin, click here

Street musicians
playing at the Farmer's Market
near Lincoln Center
a wonderful summer in the city experience


  1. I've missed so much being away this week! Love each of your posts below, especially the beach scene at Gwynn's Island. That photo is beautiful, Daryl!
    Good choice for the winner of the contest, too. Am off to make blueberry pancakes for breakfast. With Maine blueberries. Yum.

  2. Makes me want to sit down and listen. It was so funny last week when we took the grandkids to the big farmer's market in Ithaca - as soon as we got close enough to musicians to begin hearing faint strains of music, the kids started jiving - such a hoot!

  3. Poor guy with the base - when he was a kid they promised him a violin - instead they gave him the big giant base to carry whole his life :)

  4. Hairy-armed guitar players frighten me. I am always nervous that there will be some sort of catchy ouchy accident and missed notes.

    Btw, I see that your blogroll is doing what mine and many others is doing, that is, not updating. I'm so pleased that I have new posts up on both my blogs and nobody knows it. Grr.

  5. I didn't realize how many fine pictures of life in the bustling city I'd missed until I scrolled down. And I love the picture of the beach and the sky. Have a great Sunday!

  6. I miss walking thru the city on the weekends...such fun.

  7. Music at the food market is only in NY. Missing my old playground. Thanks for sharing.

  8. To be a musician playing in public you have to have one heck of a thick skin!

    Street musicians, especially, have to be able to drift off into their own little world 'cause most folks don't pay any attention...

    Even in some bars with a great band, half the patrons are yammering away about the Palin's hairdo and not even listening...

    Tough job.

    Lovely photo, though...great angle, and filled with a certain amount of angst...or maybe that's just me!

    How's the a/c working?

    We had a good friend run the NYC 1/2 Marathon today...she did pretty good, too. 2:30 I think - not bad for 45 years old.

  9. I particularly like the juxtaposition (? is that the right word?) of the blue/busy-shirted man playing the instrument to the lady in red behind him who is rushing and hurried to get somewhere fast.

    blue = calm; red = intense.

  10. totally a summer feel - we have one main street and there are at least three different musicians on any given day and on most days those single musicians turn into little groups as other musicians join them :)

  11. Love this shot, open air markets are wonderful! Thanks for sharing this one.

  12. Love this shot. The colours are so rich.. and it reminds me that our Southside Shuffle (blues fest) is coming up sometime soon.

  13. Always enjoy listening to street musicians on a warm summer day!

  14. Bet it gets tiresome hauling that double bass around the city. But I love stuff like this. Some of these musicians are truly talented!

  15. I'm sure I never thought of there being a farmers' market in NYC. Those are some dedicated farmers to brave traffic and pay parking to haul all that stuff.


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