sign posts

Street Art
Meat Packing District
West 14th Street


  1. Looks like it's just about run its course. Too bad. What's the story behind these? Are (were) they advertising for something at one time, or just "portable graffiti"? I ask because I found something similar tacked to my favorite abandoned building once. A very elaborate ink drawing, left for no apparent reason other than to display it.

  2. Love it! Some tagging is just plain fun..

  3. I'm confused. Is it a "I love meat" thing?

  4. Great shot! I too love how the brick looks, it really adds to the photo! You gotta love NY!

  5. I have a LOVE AFFAIR with Bricks.. seriously.

    I love when I go to a place that the bricks are all exposed on the inside now.. Red Bricks..

    Tin ceilings/ Red Bricks/ Metal fences/ REAL Wood .. (I hate all those white fences being put up on Staten Island .. low Maintenance...... )

  6. Those are fun signs but I can't quite figure them out.

  7. Two dogs and a cat last seen in the meat packing district. No hot dogs for me to eat today from those push carts on the corners in NY:)


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