one man's spam ....

I bet you had no idea this is MY lucky day!

Yes, it is.

I got an email from a recently deceased relation's attorney Mark Overmax, Esq.

Lawyer Overmax sent me the following:

Attn : Dear

I am Mark Overmax an attorney at law. A deceased client of mine, that shares the same last name with you, died as a result of a heart-related condition in May 25 2007. Leaving behind a deposit valued at $15.7 million dollars. His death was due to the death of all members of his family.

I want you to assist in distributing the money left behind by my client before it is confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank.

The bank has issued me a notice to contact the next of kin. My proposition to you is to seek your consent to present you as the next-of-kin and beneficiary of my named client.

This will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law, you can also contact me at my private at

Best Regards

Mark Overmax Esq

Imagine how hard Mark has been working to find me .. the relation who shares my last name died in May, 2007.

Oh maybe Mark has dial up and has been waiting on connecting to me since then, I better get back to him ASAP.

I do have some small concerns tho, I am a little worried that since "His death was due to the death of all members of his family." there might be some family medical issue I am not aware of so I am going to schedule a check up and make sure I dont have this condition.

I was however cheered up when I got this sweet email from Mary ...

how are you doing?
i hope you are fine,my name is Mary,please don,t be suprise to receive my
message, when sarching througth i came accros your
contact,because i believe one can find a very good caring,understanding and God fearing person anywhere in the world,i hope to hear from you so that i wil tell you more about my self with love and trust, and i will give you my pics

I have to say that I was surprise to receive Mary's email and I cant wait to see the pics, can you?
Though I did wonder why Mary was sarching for me on, doesnt she know I am registered at

I leave you all, dear readers, with this thought:

one can find a very good caring,understanding and God fearing person anywhere in the world


  1. Wow, just wow! Hahaha... I got an email last week that offered to lengthen a body part I don't have by 3 inches!!

    I've gotten similar ones to the God fearing one too.

    Oh and in the snail mail yesterday was an Elks newsletter addressed to the person who lived in our house two owners ago that had a very off color and sexually suggestive joke on it. I was shocked!

    Gotta love spam!

  2. Ahhhh, thank Bob Mary has faith in you. And yay, you are now loaded. Fabulous.

  3. Think of the poor souls who fall for this crap.

  4. Priceless stuff. Scary, but priceless.

  5. You are way too funny....
    those spammers don't know who they
    are messing with ...
    Thanks for the laugh(s).
    Wanna use some of the 15 mil to
    invest in my swamp resort..
    for you such a deal !!

  6. I myself have many many friends over seas who need to get $567,264,901 into the US. However for them to get it to me I need to send them $49.95 shipping and handling fee and I will get a 10% cut after all is said and done for helping them...

    I must not be God fearing enough...

  7. Actually, Daryl, I am soon to be the recipient of million$ IF I send a modst money order to a Nigerian prince....My parents were attempting to purchase such a money order when an alert teller informed them it was "probably" a scam. My shrewd father (RIP) was ready to loosen his tight grip on a few dollars....OY!

    Comfort Spiral

  8. In the immortal words of of Janis Joplin,
    "dialing for dollars is trying to find me.
    I wait for delivery each day until three."

  9. I expected to read that the Attorney asked for details of your bank account to deposit the money! LOL

  10. Well Daryl, since you are going to recieve millions, you can back the movie about BlogFest! hahah!

    Who comes up with this stuff?

  11. Oh, dear! I'm quite annoyed with "Do you want a Russian bride" emails.

  12. So far, you have got off lightly! I have won so much money this year, in theory - a lottery, a lucky email address and so forth, but there's much to be lost if any ONE of them is even opened, so I am told. So, be your own spam guard, too. They seem to be out in force this year!

  13. ahem - aren't we related in some small way? That is if you're going to be distributing that 15 mil....

  14. Auntie D! Now that you're loaded, you wanna adopt a kid?

    If you believe the spammers, I'm a pill popping porn freak with a small penis and a colon completely packed from end to end. All of which I can rectify Absolutely Free! by buying a membership to or some such thing. (Is it just me or does that make it "not free"?)

    I haven't done a good spammer-bash in a long time. I've been saving some really interesting ones too.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  15. Does anyone actually contact these people? They must, or why would they continue to send out this junk. Well, it's nice to know I am friends with a possible heiress.

  16. I think she contacted me on Facebook and wanted to be my friend. Wouldn't that be an amazing coincidence if you and I shared such a caring connection?! And if I am ever your attorney and someone leaves you $15 million, I'll deliver the news personally. I will expect you to take me out to dinner, however.

  17. Amazing, isn't it? But these scams must work. We get 4 or 5 every single day!

    Very funny post, me yiddishgirl friend!

  18. Could you spare a few thousand Euros for a my return ticket ( no more damn standby) to Paree? Merci!

  19. Too funny! I might have to start reading my junk mail before I hit delete from now on.

  20. I'm thinking Mark and Mary would get better responses from Myspace or Facebook.

  21. I love you sense of sarcasm. It makes me happy.

    Like my Opa always told me...there ain't no free lunch.

  22. .......and a good laugh ~ when needed!!!

  23. That explains why I couldn't find you on

  24. I dunno...I'd almost be AFRAID to see any pictures of Mary. Especially seeing as how she's so bent on finding a "god fearing person" and all.

    I'm envious though - you get emails with promises of millions of dollars and I get emails which promise me added inches on a penis I don't possess. Oh well, I guess neither one of us are going to be missing out on much, are we?

  25. I wonder if Mary would like to meet the gentleman that's so concerned about my alledged inability to satisfy my "girlfriend". I think it's a match made in heaven!

  26. ha ha! I just got this email and I searched for Mark Overmax. Your blog came up first reporting it spam. Thank you so much. :)

  27. Ha ha ha!- This made me laugh out loud in the office... "doesn't she know I am registered at" Brilliant! :)

    I get loads of those emails asking for my bank account details too...mostly from Nigeria. Must be loads of unclaimed money over there eh?

    Oh- I came in to look at your Mono-(which was lovely) but as this post was so funny I thought I'd leave a message here instead...!


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