thursday in the hood - the high line

Come take a walk with me ...
First we need to take the subway down to 23th Street ...
walk over to 10th Avenue
down to 18th Street

Just up these stairs

Is this ..
The High Line,
you can click here
and see their slide show
which will give you a glimpse
into what this elevated track
looked like before private donations
turned it into what you see here

This elevated garden/promenade
is planted with
indigenous plants, a lot of the wildflowers and weeds
that covered all of it was left
but cleaned up.
Other indigenous grasses
were planted between concrete dividers
designed to mimic the old train tracks

Ailanthus and Sumac trees

If you get tired
you take rest
on one of these

They move on these

The River That Flows Both Ways,
designed by artist Spencer Finch,
is installed in the High Line’s Chelsea Market Passage,
a semi-enclosed former loading dock
between 15th and 16th Streets.

Made up of 700 individual panes of glass,
each hued to represent a color of light reflected off the Hudson River.

Even the water fountains
are simpatico with the design
(that is my friend Elizabeth of About New York)

Don't you want to come wander it yourself now?

edited to add:
The High Line is a free open to the public 'park' .. make sure to visit their site for info on entrances and best times to visit!


  1. Is it open to the public, any admission price.

  2. Totally open to the public.
    No admission.
    I highly recommend it.

    Super photo essay Daryl.
    Don't I look funny.
    Excellent NY water.

  3. I didn't even know they were doing this! That is amazing! Love the shots. I am seriously floored! Beautiful!

  4. Fantastic place Daryl. Is this one of the garden spots Bette Midler sponsored?

  5. so nice to see Elizabeth :)

    great photo tour!! I love that they left the flowers and weeds

  6. Love this High Line series! I've been seeing & reading about the rooftop gardens from NYC and Chicago which makes me smile.
    Thanks for a really fun post.
    Hope your weekend rocks!

  7. how beautiful and HIGH... i hate stairs but those are metal so i might be able to get over my phobia... playing catch up since i finally got your blog to load for me.... have a wonderful day!

  8. Yes, I'm putting on my walking shoes as we speak...I want to wander over and under, thru and sideways...and collect seed from those luscious grasses...thanks for the stroll!

  9. AH now I know what the photo of the wheels were part of. Thanks for showing this amazing part of the city. NYcity is amazing and always evolving. Thanks for the Greek translation and I am going to change it right now. Hope you have a rain free 4th of July.

  10. Well I know where I want to go on our next adventure....

  11. Utterly amazing! Just beautiful! Isn't is crazy what can be done with a little vision and the will to accomplish it?

    Thank you for these photos...I'm coming back to this later today to take a closer look...

    Hope you're having a great morning!

  12. What a neat place... a great low maintenance urban design.

    Thanks for showcasing that!

  13. Wonderful tour! I have never seen this before, how far does it go?

  14. I live opposite something very similar here

    take a look, it's lovely. Not quite as 'urban spectacular' as yours though!!

  15. What a wonderful way to rennovate and add green space to the city!

  16. I love it. I'm amazed by the garden with naturalized plantings they did. I also think it's great how even the water fountains were designed to blend in. Great post and I'd love to wander that.

  17. What a great reuse of space and beautiful...I really love it and now I want a track and some of those moveable loungers.

  18. Cool tour! And free?? Not a word I usually associate with Manhattan.

    I hope I'm not letting the cat outta the bag here, but that railing at the top of the stairs in the first shot would make an awesome B&W.

    Just sayin'

    And the chaise lounges on wheels? Genius! I just need a few geisha's or something to push me around and I'm set.

    Kidding. IWASKIDDING!

  19. I love this post! I feel as though I have walked the park with you!

  20. That's fantastic! We have some "rails to trails" projects up here in Boston, but nothing as inventive as this! I'm probably going to be in NY in August (I grew up in Brooklyn, lots of family still in the area), I am definitely going to put this on my list of things to do!

  21. okay, the lounge chairs that move on the old tracks, genius! and the stained glass - concept and visual just wonderful :)

  22. So very cool! I love that window, so beautiful and calming to look at.

  23. See? I had no idea, thought I was being smart butt for screaming to save the weeds. This is wonderful. Weeds are happy too, YAY! Thanks for walking me.

  24. I DO want to see it for myself but for the time being I will be content with your photos Daryl. It's fantastic. :)

  25. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? My feet hurt. I have to go to the bathroom. When's lunch. Johnny just pulled my hair. Johnny is giving me a dirty look.

    On second thought I'll take this walk without bringing the kids along:)

  26. Thanks for taking me on your journey! I enJOYed it tons!

  27. Very innovative. I like that conversion. It's really cool! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Alex's World! -

  28. Wow, what a lot of trouble you went to, to take us on that tour. Thank you! I love the flowers on the rail tracks - gorg-e-ous.

  29. Very cool! Amazing what can be done when people put their minds (and $$) toward it. So glad that it's free...Your photos are gorgeous!

  30. Thanks, Daryl. Another addition to my list.

  31. That's a cool spot. No wonder you were looking forward to it. I love the coloured panes and the wild grasses and flora growing. And those chairs look like fun. Great photos and narration. :)

  32. Have read about this place but this is the first wonderful photo essay I've seen of it. Thanks for putting it up. If I ever visit New York again, I'll definitely put this place on my agenda! :)

  33. This is incredible - a hidden garden walk above the city. Absolutely beautiful!

  34. Yes! Yes! Yes! I can't to come visit that! The plants and design are terrific, but those lounge chairs...

  35. way cool - can't believe it didn't know about it!


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