thursday in the hood - the high line

Come take a walk with me ...
First we need to take the subway down to 23th Street ...
walk over to 10th Avenue
down to 18th Street

Just up these stairs

Is this ..
The High Line,
you can click here
and see their slide show
which will give you a glimpse
into what this elevated track
looked like before private donations
turned it into what you see here

This elevated garden/promenade
is planted with
indigenous plants, a lot of the wildflowers and weeds
that covered all of it was left
but cleaned up.
Other indigenous grasses
were planted between concrete dividers
designed to mimic the old train tracks

Ailanthus and Sumac trees

If you get tired
you take rest
on one of these

They move on these

The River That Flows Both Ways,
designed by artist Spencer Finch,
is installed in the High Line’s Chelsea Market Passage,
a semi-enclosed former loading dock
between 15th and 16th Streets.

Made up of 700 individual panes of glass,
each hued to represent a color of light reflected off the Hudson River.

Even the water fountains
are simpatico with the design
(that is my friend Elizabeth of About New York)

Don't you want to come wander it yourself now?

edited to add:
The High Line is a free open to the public 'park' .. make sure to visit their site for info on entrances and best times to visit!