summer stock sunday

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what you see

How you see it
Artisans' Gate
is one of 20 entrances
to Central Park.

Central Park South at Seventh Avenue
a nice spot to enter the park on a summer afternoon


  1. I love the lettering with the green moss growing on it. so pretty.

  2. I hate to mention it, but, there is no gate! What I see is fence! Nice lettering though.

  3. Very nicely done. It's all in the framing, isn't it...

  4. Wish I was walking through that gate this lovely Sunday!

  5. Definitely got all my attention!

  6. An interesting presentation of ART - finding it in all sorts of places. Fun!

  7. Is this the right gate for the Darylizers meeting?

    (LOVE the thingie on your sidebar!)

    First, we take Manhattan....then we take the world!

  8. I'm sure I've been looks so familiar.

  9. Love it--never knew it was there...

  10. I think you're trying to confuse this old man!

    Which isn't saying too much, 'cause that's easy to do.

    Excellent work again. And not only the photos - but your presentation forces one to think about what one thinks he/she is really seeing...

  11. Perspective is everything. You can see that much form the first two comments. Some see "art", some see "sans gate".

    I see some cool photos!

  12. I love how they all have different names in CP for the entrances, and no one ever notices them.


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