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A store front on 9th Avenue in Chelsea (mid 20s)


  1. I love this! & I hope your having fun taking lots of pictures with your new camera!

  2. I know the first one is probably some sort of political knock but it must be rather obscure.

  3. Well, I wouldn't want to know what was going on inside the artist head...that sign is rather a bit scary!
    have fun...

  4. Cool-cool sign. NY is always so interesting.

  5. Uhh... oookay then! What do they sell in this shop anyway?

    Or do I want to know?

  6. That's ... umm ... a really gross sign. I think I'll stick with my crap taco t-shirt.

  7. I have no shame already!
    Is that a head shop? Sex shop? What the ?

  8. I can smell the City in this post; invigorating!

    Only in NYC, and if you "don't like NY" you don't like LIFE!!

    I like YOU, Daryl ;-)


    Comfort Spiral

  9. Great sign. I can think of a lot of ways to interpret that. I grew up with the expression "don't you have any shame at all". My response tended to be NO, whether I meant it or not.

  10. What is that? The King of Kafka? Cockroach Rex? Yeep. Keep it awayyyyyyy from me!

  11. Aha! I knew I'd find your post...we were out most of the day, so I'm a bit late...

    Show no shame. Wonder what that means?

    Fascinating store and I'll bet there are customers in that store with lots of stories to tell; probably some shameful ones.

    Of course, they're the most interesting ones.

    Nice series of shots, the colors, the way they jump out and grab you.

    Hope you had a good day today!


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