3 little dots

I was standing near Husband's desk just now, just now talkng to him something caught my eye.

See those 3 dots?

Wait, let me give you a closer look.

I stopped mid-thought, reached out, touched them and said 'this wasn't, this is .. where did this come from?'

Before Husband could answer I begin to look around me.

The walls are clean.
Font size
The mark from where the mirror hung is gone, the hole removing its hook is gone.

he front door which had black smudges around the door knob is clean.



hile I was off in Virginia, my Husband painted!

Everything in the livingroom was moved, walls painted, and stuff put back exactly has it was.

He could not believe I hadn't noticed and wasn't going to tell me!

He wanted to see how long it would take me.

However he did have an ace up his sleeve.

He asked me last night what my weekend plans were , then asked me to leave Friday morning free. I didn't ask why and he didn't say. I thought we were going air conditioner shopping ... I digress.

What he plans on doing Friday is to get me to pack up all the crap tschkas on the shelves over and under the desk and by the printer so he can finish. He did not want to touch my stuff for fear of breaking
As you can see, he has a point.

I told him I needed to pick up my jaw off the floor so I could kiss him.

He painted!!!!! He painted!!!!!


  1. hah...amazing what they will do when we are away. so happy for you!
    NOW I have been trying to get mine to hang some pictures...4 years now...lol his reply, the more you ask, the longer it is going to be until i do it. what a little piggie MINE is.

    happy for you.

  2. See, he did it...in his own good time. Now you are both happy!

  3. Daryl, I hope you gave him more than a kiss for that. he PAINTED! Can you here me going
    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! all the way from California?
    I thought so....

  4. Would you please have your husband call my husband and explain to him that doing things like around the house are a turn on to wives? Thanks.

  5. I knew I should have left Hard Working Man at home this past weekend!!!

    I am happy that you have brighter surroundings!!

    My father once shaved off half his mustache and walked around for a day and a half before anyone even noticed.

  6. Ah, Daryl that is amazing...what a man! How lovely for you. And how nice to wait to shift all your things!

    Love the close up of the crab below, was reading all about the blue crabs after reading tsannies blog post on them...very interesting! Have also been enjoying all the posts and photos about blogfest on everyone else's blogs also! You would think I have nothing better to do! Have fun Friday!

  7. OMG!!! Ray, you are a prince!
    It looks great!
    You are the new George Clooney. :)

    Daryl is soooo envied.

  8. Yuh. Just a few chachkas.

    If you start now, he will maybe be able to finish the job while you're away at the next blogfest.

  9. I just love that Raymond! Every gal should be so lucky! That's just wonderful!

  10. Over a year ago, we decided to paint our dining room. Just as we were finishing, with only about three square feet left to cover over the sliding door, we ran out of paint. "No bother," we thought, assuming we'd pick up more paint and finish the following weekend. Nope.

    We have a beautiful deep taupe dining room, with white patches gloriously highlighting the desperate-for-replacement sliding door!

  11. Miracles really do happen!!
    Yay, husband!!!
    Give that man a blow job.
    Hahahahahaha :D

  12. OMG! He PAINTED! Wow. SOOOO WOW!! Congratulate that man!! Or give him something - ha!!!

  13. My hubby moved us out of our Kona coffee shack up on the hill, to an apartment on ali`i Drive while I was in honolulu for the weekend!

    Next time he complains about MY tchockkas I'm gonna show him YOU space!!!!! LOL Not only are we married to brothers, We ARE twin terrors, you & me!

    Aloha ha ha!

    Comfort Spiral

  14. There is nothing like clean fresh walls. I need to finish pulling down the bathroom wallpaper so I can paint in there.

    Your wall of tschkas is just great. I have bits and pieces arranged on the shelves above my craft area.

  15. I LOVE nice surprises. And I have to give him credit for not moving all your stuff.

  16. OMGG!! I remember you saying awhile back this would NEVER happen. Well I guess hell froze over and you have lovely walls LOL! WTG Ray!

  17. I am utterly Gobsmacked. A husband who paints...on the sly, while the wife is away.

    My hubby needs to get in touch with yours. Seriously.

  18. So which part stuns you more.... that he painted.. or that you didn't notice?

  19. I was wondering the same thing Hilary was. Three days? And I had to laugh a little that the thing that made you tick to it was the "oops" on the door. But everybody's happy now -- actually sounds like stupid happy -- so all's well yeah?

    Good one Ray!

  20. See, I missed this post. If I'd read it, I'd have understood about the paint!


  21. I'm laughing out loud! He painted, you panted...hope everyone had a good time!

    I can certainly see why he didn't want to touch your stuff...he'd need a map to get it all back properly!

    What a nice guy you've got!

  22. Sometimes they surprise us, don't they!!! Cool Breeze wasn't feeling well all weekend. It's probably a good thing he had an empty house!

  23. He did it! And I'll bet he's proud as can be!

  24. I thought he had a rather sheepish grin on his face when we got there;) I hope you already packed your trinkets;)

  25. I LOVE the trip you went on.. what a free spirit you truly are... !!! Good for you..!!!!

    .......and your husband is priceless.. a real keeper as they say..

    Thanks for putting a huge smile on my face............ !!!!

  26. i'm with mielikki. it's worth more than a kiss, but this is a family blog, isn't it? ;)


    I'm calling the AP to let them know of this wonderful event. Kudos to Ray!!

  28. A post you wrote about how long you have been waiting for him to paint is one of the first things I remember reading here. I can't remember know how long, but I remember enough to know that this is a momentous occasion! Congrats!

    Did he put the three little white dots there on purpose so you would notice, or were they a mistake?


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