waiting, impatiently

Faye of Sleepless in Gainesville (Florida)
sent me this photo of her pup with the following message:
"our Jack Russell Terror
doesn't do well when it storms...
so she is trying to stay focused on the New Yawk City
squirrel on your blog.. ... a tad plumper than the ones in her yard.
Well... dawg's gotta dream... its all good... she just likes the chase.
She is true to her name ..... (a ) TEAS"

Thanks for visiting me.

Now please go tell Faye how much you like this photo of Teas


  1. I love the photo of Teas and I'll go now and tell Faye so!

  2. That's adorable. And that squirrel was fat, wasn't she?

  3. It's a great photo. Hope your squirrel distracted her from the storm.

  4. A Jack Russell...tireless little beasts...and Teas is a beauty! Fancy wanting to chase a squirrel!

  5. Teas now known as lil Diva is upping the price of her modeling fee after
    seeing her photo on your blog.
    Thank you very much !!

  6. Great shot and great caption. Good way to start the day with a smile and thanks for mailing the photo so soon. I will let you know when it arrives. Your are super and I owe you big time!

  7. What a sweetheart...and what a great shot!

    Have a great weekend, Daryl!

  8. That is just so funny. You are admired by one and all!

  9. Teas is adorable
    I love all your guest dogs
    I'm finding some wonderful blogs too

  10. My "boys" hate the storms, too. Big trouble since we just started the storm season.

  11. I came by to see your strangers but got this really cute pup. I"ll try and stop back tonight if I've not OD'd on baguette et vin!

  12. Teas sweet face reminds me of our dog Darcy. She wandered away one day and we weren't able to find her. My son got her when she was a puppy. He was told that she was part Jack Russell and part poodle. Darcy and Teas could have been siblings.

  13. JRT's have an extra helping of "cute" in their genes, I think!

  14. Such an adorable face! I stopped by Faye's blog to tell her how I enjoyed the pic!

  15. She got a Jack Russel to sit still long enough to get a photo?? I'm impressed!


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