thursday in the hood

A few weeks ago Robin (of Around the Island)
directed me to a blog
where this photo was posted
she asked me where in Manhattan it was.

Well, I knew kind of where
because I had walked past it many times
on my way home from a former job
I could not remember what street it was on!

This past Friday, the first of my summer Fridaycations
(I am taking Fridays off all summer .. whooo hooo)
I headed down to Fifth Avenue at 52nd St for a hair cut
after which I was going to head downtown to
The High Line
(I didnt get to The High Line but I am going tomorrow, stayed tuned for pix of that)

On my way I passed this
(51st btwn Madison/Fifth)
Seeing it, reminded me of Robin's request
and so the hunt for that waterfall park was on!

I wandered up and down streets in the 50s between Fifth & Sixth Avenues
while walking up 51st St I saw a security guard outside
CBS's offices in Rockefeller Center
I asked if she knew where the park was
She didn't.
she thought one of the other guards did.
He didnt.

The third time is always the charm
Tom, the concierge at CBS, thought it was 'around the corner'.
I thanked them all
(no one wanted to be photographed for my blog tho they were all incredibly nice)

I decided to play a hunch and walked down to 49th St

The plaza/park between Sixth & Seventh Avenues
was blocked off for construction
I could see water falling!

So I walked 'round to 48th Street and voila!

As you can see
due to the construction
the plaza/park is denuded of its normal potted plants,
tables, & chairs

That didnt stop me from taking a few interesting shots

Looking up through the glass

ooking up at the water

Who doesnt love bubbles?