postcard friendship friday

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This is another one of the 'found' postcards,
this one is dated 1975
before Husband & I made our living together 'legal'
and mobile phones were ubiquitous;
here's what it says:

Dear Daryl,
I forgot to water the plants.
Would you mind an awful lot.
Please don't water the palm in the dining room
next to the avocado or the palm in the living room
but everything else. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
P.S. Forgot our tennis racquets. Can you believe it?
Love Donna

When I read this the other day, I laughed out loud ... I guess they got to the airport, she remembered she had forgotten and since there was no rush, rather than call from a pay phone, she bought and sent me a card from a kiosk at the airport.

Mobile phones are now in everyone's pocket or purse so occasionally I get calls from her when she's on the way to the airport or when she's at the airport asking me to check to see if she left the iron plugged in or to make sure she locked the front door ... she's my oldest dearest friend in the world and there's no doubt I would water plants, check to make sure irons are unplugged and doors are locked and she'd do it for me!


  1. I just love seeing all these old postcards... The story of this one is just priceless.

    I saved a bunch of postcards and letters from one of my oldest friends when she used to travel between New Mexico, New Zealand and Seattle to ski. It's so fun to go back and read them.

  2. What a fun postcard and it takes me back.

  3. My best childhood pal traveled all over the world when she was single and sent me postcards to every single place and I have them tucked away. I always wanted to be her and travel and she always wanted to be me to be a Mom. She married at age 40 to a guy who rang her bell to paint her living room from an add she placed and they have been painting the town ever since. No kids so they adoped mine.

  4. The first thing that struck me about this card is how colorful all the vehicles were then. Black, white, gray or red....those are the colors one sees most of the time now. We need some more color in our lives.

    BTW, my last two cars have been red, before that teal green, dark blue, white, brown, tan, green. Most of those cars were picked not on the basis of color but cheapness of price.

  5. Great photo for today, and wonderful, cheerful commentary re. your friendship with the author. Also enjoyed Joyce's response to your post.

  6. That is too cute! How nice to have friends like that! Love the postcard, too. In some ways the city hasn't changed much. I wonder for how many years those yellow cabs have been plying the streets of NYC?

    Great post, Daryl!

  7. And it only took 29 years to get to you!

  8. I really like these ole post cards. What fun little blasts from the past.

  9. I got a chuckle out of this one myself, thinking "I hope the plants weren't in imminent danger given the vagaries of postal delivery!"

    Your friend sounds like she has a memory like mine.

  10. I love the story. :)
    One of the things I notice about many vintage cards is the way they are often used as an easy way to communicate. In some of the really early ones, they say things like "I'll meet you tomorrow at 2:30" so clearly the postal service was more reliable than now.

  11. Daryl, this is fabulous - I love the colors in the postcard - today all a person sees is silver and black cars and just the whole idea of the postcard sent aka a cell call today - another time - sigh :)

  12. lolz...
    Aren't we glad we have mobile phone nowadays!

  13. That is too hilarious! What a wonderful friend - both of you, I'm sure. :)

  14. This is marvelous, Daryl! I love it! I have to scour my house to find some old postcards... :)

  15. I adore "vintage" postcards, especially those bearing notes from treasured friends, Daryl.

    I picked up in email a comment you made on my recent post. Thank you! But it disappeared from the blog. I'm assuming you deleted it since you were asking me if I would want to meet up with another blogger. I'd be game for that, but no, I don't know her. Bummer.

  16. Howdy Daryl
    I am so glad you found this card it is fabulous.
    I really enjoyed your friendship story so perfect for PFF :)
    Have a great weekend.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    Thrilled to know you can see my site.
    Still having computer issues after the past two stormy days.
    Happy Trails

  17. How FUN! I love old postcards. I bought 4 the other day and they had writing on them too. So very special.
    Thanks for stopping by so faithfully and sending your nice readers too!

  18. Wow Daryl.

    Your postcard collection is awesome. (I actually used that word - wowza)

    So nice to get a postcard rather than a phonecall. Even with the best and oldest of friends - it means so much more I think.

  19. hehehe! That IS what wonderful friends are for.. Maybe I should send Francois a postcard and ask him to mow the lawn! Maybe he'd be more likely to do it if it was stamped and mailed:) Did you send Donna this post? Happy PFF my dear Daryl!

  20. Lovely PFF story and postcard! Thanks for sharing your pre-cell adventures. The early 70's was a time of renewed interest in potted plants - especially avacado and palms and terrariums - what was that all about, do you remember?

  21. So cool !
    "Radio city " is written in the street and the text of the postcard looks like the storyboard of some Lubitch's movie !

  22. what sweet memories. Your friend sounds a lot like me, only I call my mom who lives about a mile away, to see if I unplugged the iron or the coffee pot!

  23. How funny that she sent a postcard asking you to water the plants! Reminds me of me...I tend to forget to water my plants before I leave for a trip too!

  24. LOL...enjoyed your post today! How are the plants? hehehe..

  25. what a great piece of your friendship's history!

    (also fun to see the Radio City Music Hall at a time other than during the Thanksgiving Day parade!)

  26. So that is what people did before cell phones! Happy PFF!

  27. The message written on the postcard make me smile :)

  28. For a minute I thought this was a postcard from last week. But on that one the people stood out and on this one it's the bright vehicles.

  29. This truly is a moment in a life. I love it. I don't normally mail my To Do lists :) I may have to do that!!

  30. I often wonder what tomorrow's post cards will look like. We've replaced paper with electronic - which make no mistake is magical in its own right, as you've so eloquently shared here. But years from now, we won't have dusty old boxes to open up, explore and scan.

  31. Good friends are priceless.
    Fabulous postcard....wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.....

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  32. how wonderful! I wish I had more "found" stuff like this. And I'd lose the cell phone today if I could. Do you think mail used to be a lot faster? My husband sends me postcards and I'm lucky to get them 3 mos. after he's back.

  33. I love friends like that. They are rare, and especially rare living close enough that you can actually do those kinds of things for one another. My connection like that has been my neighbor for 6 years. She moved while I was on my trip. It seems empty here now that she (and her family) are gone.


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