happy birthday, sis

That is my favorite photo of me and my sister
I guess she was about 18 months old
Then there's her graduation photo from Jr. High School
(Middle School or Intermediary School depending on where you live),
Didnt we both look thrilled?
And the one with the parents, that has to be sometime in the 90s
The last one
which she'll likely hate but I like
was taken at a wedding about 5 years ago.

And today is also TSAnnie's birthday (I know my Sis wont mind sharing w/TSAnnie) .. go on over and wish her something wonderful!


  1. Tell your sister, Happy Birthday from South Florida!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sister...I like the last one, too...she looks so surprised and happy!

  3. Aww, hope she has a wonderful day. I couldn't imagine life without my two lovely sisters (I'm in the middle, which I believe is the very bestest place to be born in - less expectation all round - which in my case was probably just as well).

    Super photo's - and don't YOU look cute??? Smile.

  4. Well, great minds think a like, Daryl! :)
    Happy birthday to your sis!

  5. what a sweet tribute to your sister on her birthday! Happy Birthday from Long Island to your sister!

  6. Happy birthday, TSAnnie...

    What nice family memories...I especially like the one of the two of you at her junior high school (or whatever) graduation!

  7. Happy Birthday to the Sister and to TSAnnie. AAnndd many more.

  8. Happy Birthday, lovely ladies!!
    (I really love old pics. Awesome!)

  9. Great old pictures! I love the one from graduation from middle/jr. high or intermediate school.... You BOTH do look so thrilled! Probably due to the "face the sun" shot!

  10. I love these shots. Nothing like sisters. I wouldn't trade my two sisters for anything in the world although when I was a certain age . . . but I won't go there, just kidding. I hope your sister has a wonderful birthday.

  11. Happy Birthday to your sis and I already stopped by to wish Annie a happy day!

    I just love her Jr. High graduation photo!

  12. Aww... you shoulda told Tonka! Happy birthday Daryl's Sister!

  13. Perfect time line photos. You are a sweet duo. Wishing a happy day to her.

  14. Thank you thank you!

    Hope your sis's day was as nice as mine was. Happy Birthday wishes to her too. June 4th is a perfect day for a birthday! Just ask Angelina Jolie. (HA!)

  15. Totally missed it! Tell Sis sorry - I hope she had an awesome bday!

  16. She's beautiful, but I would kill someone for putting pictures that old of me online!


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