waiting, impatiently

This is Haley.
She belongs to Jacob & Lois Anne
of the photoblogs Ocala Daily Photo and The Villages Daily Photo
( as well as 2 other,I think)
I asked Jacob who is the mouthpiece of the couple,
Lois Anne is the photographer,
to tell me what to say about Haley and here's what he said:
Well, she never barks, but she thinks a lot...
In this case she's probably wondering where that damn squirrel went
which she fully intended to chase up a tree.
Or she could be considering the building thunderclouds.
She does not like thunder and lightning.
More than likely she's replaying her evening meal in her head
as this is the best part of her day.

If you like this photo of Haley, please go tell Lois Anne after all she took the photo