how i spent saturday

At 10 a.m. yesterday morning I was beginning to get dressed, sipping coffee when my cellphone rang

Kate! Where are you?

Parked by a fire hydrant, near West End Avenue?

Stay there, I will put on clothes and be there in a minute

I did and that was how yesterday started.

CountryGirl Kate braved possible axe murder by peoplewhoblogbutmightbenotwhotheysay and drove to New Yawk to spend a day with ME! plus the added incentive of meeting Lauren and Ann!

We took a walk through Riverside Park to the 79th Street Boat Basin

Four women bloggers, four cameras

All that walking, talking, photographing made us hungry and thirsty so we headed to the sushi I promised Kate and the cooked food I promised Lauren. We met my non-blogger foodie friend Wendy at Momoya on Amsterdam where we sat outside in the sunshine and had some wonderful food, drink and conversation
I added a little grit to this shot taken by Wendy, who you can see reflected in the window.

After lunch we headed off on a mission to find a window box to hold the dirt that Ann and Lauren brought me from Connecticut.
thank you both SO much for that
The old window box had been tossed last summer
I am convinced it was cursed with bad juju
everything I planted in it, died.

And as you can see, we did find one,
at a very chic florist where I had the choice of
$95 metal or $28 dollar plastic version,

I bet you thought I'd go for the metal one.

Alas the Cinderellas had to head home but before they did we gathered for a blog shot shot

Husband took this one in front of our building.