the get-away weekend saga - day 2

Slept well and late .. it was almost 9 when L called to ask if I wanted coffee, she was making a run to Starbucks which was, according to my friend Wendy who I called the night before, two blocks past the intersection of Collins and Lincoln.

L never made it to Starbucks, she stopped when she got to McDonald's.

Fortified we set off to wander ... we walked up Collins to 23rd where Beach Walk begins ... that's where I saw this:

No idea what happened, no idea why it and two Miami police cars were parked there either but it merited a photo

We got to around 18th Street and stopped to shop ... everyone got earrings and I got a necklace that looks like a rosary ... I know, I am Jewish but I love crosses ... sue me.
Beach Walk is a lovely way to see the sand and surf and not get same in shoes
this is NOT Beach Walk, this is a path to the beach from the actual Beach Walk
By the time we got Beach Drive we were ready to have lunch
See those Bloody Marys?
They were $25 each.
The astonishment on their faces when the check came was priceless ... me? I had an iced coffee with my salad. That's K in the pink and L in the red.

After lunch we continued along Beach Drive past Gianni Versace's shrine home, which is now a rip off restaurant with a tour of the mansion .. for a fee

We bought souvenirs, we took photos ... it was a lovely day ... we ended up walking back to the hotel on Collins where every few blocks there are signs posted to help you find your way
At about 5 p.m. K announced she was a "sweaty betty" and we needed to get showered and dressed for dinner ... we had a 7 p.m. (I know it was ridiculously early but we're not teens!) dinner reservation at Creek28

Indian Creek Hotel
Creek28 outdoor dining

Does this look a bit out of focus?
Well, if it does its only because it was bottle #2
I had never before had a California Malbec but I can now say I have and highly recommend it
as well as the amazing food and dessert

No, I wasn't falling asleep, I was savoring the amazing taste
of this banana ice cream concoction

We cabbed back to our hotel and since I had so much to eat/drink I didnt go to bed right away. I sat on the bed after brushing off what looked like lint or dust motes and watched some TV and checked emails on my iPhone. K & L went out to the Catalina Club on 18th and had some more drinks before coming back to their room where they talked up a storm (which I could hear through the wall between our rooms!) and then it went silent so I assume they both passed out went to sleep.

Part 3 tomorrow ...