thursday in the hood

Ah Trader Joe's ... at long last THE store everyone of my NON NYC friends have raved about forever arrived in the Union Square area about 2 yrs ago. Since then I have wanted to go, to see, to shop .. to indulge in Two Buck Chuck (wine) .. their free trade coffee, their specialty items .. their everything.

Saturday, February 14th I did.

And it was insane.

Its a SMALL store.

To get to the check out counters there is a line/queue of people with carts and/or carriers filled with all manner of good stuff. It snakes up, down and around through the aisles where others are trying (emphasis on trying) to shop.

I tried, I swear I did. After wiggling my way between queued shoppers and shelves of, well, that is part of the problem, I couldnt see what was there because the people were in way. Oblivious as only a New Yorker can be of something they dont want to acknowledge.

It was not worth the stress because it there is a much closer to home, the easier to shop at Whole Foods in Columbus Circle and within a 5 block walk of my apartment there is Fairway, Citarella, and Zabars.

Who needs that stinkin' Trader Joe's?