thanks, Erin! amended

this wonderful cap arrived this morning .. its from Erin in Roanoke (which is what it says tho its reversed because I used PhotoBooth to take it) .. I cant find your email or blog link .. I apologize .... I love this cap, the peak is perfect .. the color is ME! Husband is not even being offered a chance to wear it .. thank you, thank you, thank you ...

And I cleaned the closet ... purged a lot of stuff I didnt even know was there ... found some sweet love notes Husband sent me when he was in Iowa working on a film a long time ago .. found retirement package papers from a job I had eons ago .... found old photos and other memorabilia including a playbill from an off Broadway show we went to in 1993, neither of us remembers it at all, it was written by Alan Ball (writer of Six Feet Under among other things) 'starring' Alison Janney and Thomas Gibson (among others, none of whose names I recognize) ... I have a ton of shredding of old documents to do and a lot of old handbags/purses I am needing to find new homes for ... but what I didnt find was where those fucking insidious little white moths are coming from ... THEY were what prompted this SO unlike me burst of housekeeping.

Oh .. I found some old knitting needles .. anyone want them?

So now I am going to get beautified™ and let me tell you .. I need it ..

Now I am back and I know who sent me the cap .. if you havent read The Good Life in Virginia .. you should. The latest posts are photos taken a trip to Italy and its like being there .. so go be there!