Mamarazzi’s Favorite Things Swap

I read about Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap (she of Dandelion Wishes) and decided I wanted to be a Swapper ... I was paired with Deb of A Devonshire Design who lives in NJ

The concierge, Husband called to say it arrived.

Here are his hands opening it for me.

inside the box are some of her favorite things:

A non-paper/non-plastic bag to schlep stuff in ... she is into recycling as am I ...

An organizer by Lori Greiner to keep the stuff I schlep in my shoulder bag organized.

A anti-bacterial waterless hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works in Cucumber Melon scent.
A Shine Supreme lip gloss from Avon in 'twig glaze' which happens to be a perfect color for me

A flower pin and poem which reads:

A lovely gesture from someone who loves to cook (Deb): Jacques Pepin's The Short Order Cook ... for someone who never ever ever cooks (Me!), made me smile ... yes, I do not cook but I do love reading recipes (and watching cooking programs) ...

And there was that note, the labeled "read last" .. and so I did

A fun haul of goodies ... I cant wait to see what she thinks about the loot I sent her