look at these .. how cool!

This one has already found its perfect spot ...

These are still being tried out in various locations
in our kitchen and as 'coasters' or 'hot plates' on the coffee table

Where did they come from?

Well, remember that Swap I participated in?

One of my swap partners favorite things was a cookbook, well I dont cook ... and I said that in my Swap recap post ... another Swapper, Janie at SuperHotMama'sHouse, read my whine post and said how much she envied me getting that cookbook ... so I said 'its yours' ... and she said 'lets swap .. how about if I make you a couple of decorative tiles?'

And the rest, including a new blog friendship, is history ... and those are the tiles she painted herself, baked/fired and then sent me .. and I am just so tickled to have them. Check out her craft blog too .. SuperCoolCrafts