from Canada with love

Yesterday, Thursday, Husband found a notice from the post office saying they'd tried to deliver a package at 7:30 A.M. Monday morning but no one was home.

Well, Husband was home but the mail carrier waits one nano sec before leaving a pick up notice so today Husband went to the post office and retrieved this package.

When I got home I ripped casually opened the package as I read the label
it was from Aims who writes such moving posts at Big Blue Barn West ..
and inside were these hand knit navy blue heart stitched wool lined slippers!
Oh my bob .. I couldnt wait to try them on ...
When I slipped my foot inside the thrumming nested my foot so nice and softly and yet something was hard and cold .. what could it be?
A key ring with a fleur de lis with sparkly 'diamonds' from New Orleans.
Aims and I share a deep love for N'awlins so this has very special meaning for me.
And there was a handwritten note .. arent those sunflowers pretty?
The card says a lot of things but the best part is the way she signed it:
Happy To Be Friends.
Aims, I thank you so much this amazing gift & I am SO happy to be friends too.