and then

Yesterday shortly after I learned of The Aunt's passing the mail was delivered here in the office by our crack mail person Richie. He loves when I get something personal almost as much as I do ... so he was smiling when he handed me this slightly damaged package:

I was surprised to see the return address .. BritGalSarah sent me something .. WOW .. trust me I ripped it open all the way ...

and found:
Can you read what the card says?

The message inside of the card compares the favorite bra with girl friends and its a truism ... good versions of both are hard to find and you never want to lose either.

Sarah goes on to write her own note explaining I had won something on her blog but she hadnt got to mailing it til she read the post about losing my earring.

That's when she told Hubster that they needed to send these off to me STAT...

They are exquisite .. those are, man-made Opals, not turquoise ... and I cant wait to wear them ...

Thank you Sarah and Hubster.