question for the week from holly
you sit down at starbucks (or indeed your cafe of choice). bob's son, buddy jesus, sits down next to you with an iced chai. he says "hi (insert your name here), how are you? i like what you're wearing. oh did you catch that red sox game?"

you have a lovely chat, and OBVIOUSLY cover such topics as "why is there suffering in the world?" and "yes but am *i* getting into heaven?" and "who really framed roger rabbit?"

with that out of the way,
what one other question do you ask him?

amazingly, steve, the guy who really runs the universe, walks in after you finish your drinks. he comes up to you and says "look, (insert your name here), i need to irradicate one little annoyance forever. i can't decide between ingrown toenails and the colour puce. what do you think?"

which one do you choose, or do you choose something else? note : he can not irradicate human suffering. just small stuff, like dandruff.