how i spent the afternoon

I spent this (Saturday) afternoon with two truly fun-tab-ulous women ... Tsannie of The Tombstone Chronicles and MPM she of Mental Pause Chronicles

They trained in from Connecticut, wandered up Fifth Avenue and met me at Bergdorf's at 58th/Fifth. We started talking immediately and, being the multi-taskers we are, we shopped AND talked.

MPM found these, no, she did not buy them .. if you read her blog, you know she has shoe issues .... these are open toe boots with jagunda high heels .. very practical ..

I managed to turn a store credit into a DVF silk blouse AND two Vince 'undershirts'

Since we had a lunch reservation at Fred's in Barney's off we went ... still talking ... got to Barney's and fell in love with this window
Of course we ate ... and had wine .. and toasted life, blogging and eachother. While we were yakking I asked MPM where in TN she'd grown up.

Oh, she said, a small town called Franklin.

Get out, I said, I have been to Franklin, TN!

Shut up, she cried

My friend Marilynn T. lives outside of Franklin, I said dialing Mar. When she answered I said you must talk to this woman .. and handed the phone to MPM

From MPM's side of the conversation I gathered they had people (BOYS) in their past in common!

After saying bye to Mar .. we chatted more and ate and drank.

Annie is such a sweetheart .. she has the bluest eyes .. we both had calamari (MPM, insanely - insane as opposed to an allergy - does not eat calamari) shared chicken soup AND asparagus which she tells me grows wild in MO, where she hails from.

After settling the check we took pix ...
MPM, moi, Tsannie
And we have promised to do this once a month ... once the temps become more friendly (people it was FREEZING .. WINDY and we still met up .. are we not Bloggers! We are!) I am going to train it up to Cocktail Corner.

I didnt want to go home ... I miss you both...

edited to say my bad: the link to MPM's blog now takes you there ...