a solution!

This is sort of like Husbandisms but its not about MY husband.

This is about our friend (landlord, and someone I think of as my big brother) who has a small garage as part of the brownstone he owns and lives in.

People, who are - fill in your own favorite derogatory verb - keep parking in his driveway.

This ticks him off in ways you cannot imagine unless of course you've had the misfortune of parking there yourself.

He has tried everything:

  • a BIG sign posted on the garage door; at night LIGHTS focus on it so you can't miss seeing it.
  • a sign made to order screwed to an old post the city had put up to announce the vagaries of alternate side of the street parking. The same cops who regularly ignore ticketing people parked in the driveway took down his sign and warned him if he put it back up, they'd fine him!
  • had these two signs made up and had the post set in concrete so they cant be moved easily and placed them one at each side of the opening to the driveway. Someone not long ago trying to park in the driveway backed into one knocking it down.
  • stuck sticky signs on the windows of cars parked in the driveway, called the cops, and had them towed ..

If you can think of it, he's done it.

All to no avail.

However, we think the solution is at hand.

His son, in for the holidays from L.A., gave him this as a Christmas present.

We think it might just work.