mail call

Yesterday afternoon the concierge (thanks La) (aka Husband) called to say "a packet has arrived marked 'Royal Mail', have you been corresponding with the Queen?"

"The" Queen, no. Big wink here.

When I got home, did I first:

(a) kiss Husband
(b) stomp around in a bad mood
(c) grumble about the cats being underfoot
(d) race into the loo, coat still on to .. pee
(e) all of the above
(f) most of the above

Before I opened the packet?

What was in it?

A thank you for making some blog award badges for my blog bud Trixie, an Oz-ite who lives in UK. Inside was a pretty Christmas card and a cute little critter with magnets in its paws ... so in order to show him off better I posed him ... the one with him hanging from the metal cat is a little .. well .. I know Trixie will laugh.

Thanks, Trix!