saturday blogger meet up - recappage

We met on the corner of 81st & Central Park West after Leendaluu and the Twins had visited the Museum of Natural History.

Me, flat holly, Leendaluu

flat holly poses with the votive holder I brought Leendaluu

Eli seems to like flat holly, but Ani isnt sure

Eli shows off the ORGANIC lollipops I brought for the Twins to share

me & Leendaluu taken by budding photographer Ani

Another photo (this is actually a video) taken by Ani with my camera of Leendaluu and me toasting (flat holly was exhausted so she was leaning on the pepper mill)

Eli took this photo of me

and she took this photo of her mom

Ani's self portrait

Eli's self portrait

flat holly with one of the Hanukkah bush decorations I gave the Twins

the nice waiter took this of the 4 5 of us

Ani asked Leendaluu and me to make faces .. we obliged but Eli thought we were silly

This is my meet up loot .. the mug I got for placing second in a contest Leendaluu held on her blog. The Palin button was a gift for me because one of our twinsy things is our mutual distaste for the Gov from Alaska (may she go back there Nov 4), and a Natural History Museum pencil that Ani gave me.

We really had a lot of fun ... after a nice lunch where the adults had lovely glasses of Malbec ... I walked them to the subway ... they were going to take the subway to Penn Station and then two trains (Ani reminded me several times they had taken THREE trains to get here) back home.

And I am SO looking forward to having them come back soon.