catch up sunday, part 2

Moving along here to the rest of Catch Up Sunday ... 

The Thank You part.

If you scroll down on the right WAAAAY down below my blog roll to where it says "I am so honored" you will see some new awards or badges that are from:

Willow ... who loves my blog .. I love her's too and so will you .. check it out. Its like dropping into her home, Willow Manor, and spending time visiting.

CountryGirlKate ... gave me the Photo Award and let me tell you SHE is the photographer. I met her at two  photo MEMEs I participate in and her work is top notch .. if you havent met Kate, go check her out.

BearNaked ... gave me the Bear Bouquet badge .. her blog is sweet and cleverly illustrated with bears .. and insightful posts .. 

Giggles .. an Aussie lass I met through her Auntie Trixie gave me the Pico d'Arte award.  SHE has two blogs .. one is about her life as a young CRAZY married gal who is about to have a baby and the other is her alter ego RatGirl .. you must visit her... 

Sandy at Curley's Corner ... a blog that always has a funny joke or a clever cartoon gave me the Commenter patch ... if you need to lighten up, Sandy's your cup of tea

TSAnnie ... an almost neighbor, actually she lives in CT, but its close enough so we could if we got ourselves organized actually meet ... I'm just sayin' .. anyway she gave me a Photo Award too ... a few more of those and I might actually think I have talent and not just luck.

AND ... Dragonstar, who is pretty quirky herself, just presented me with a new blog badge, Kick Ass Blogger, created by MamaDawg, I love the idea of being an ass kicker .. kick ass'er

Anyway .. if you haven't met and enjoyed these women's blogs you are missing out on good reading and excellent photography .. and most importantly .. friendship and camaraderie!

Go ahead click over and see ... you will thank me later .. but not now... these Thank You posts are not open to comment because they aren't written to fish for more praise but to say:

 Thank you.