thursdays in the hood

This week I am re-visiting a photo I posted over at Dot's blog: The World in Black & White ...

The Hamilton Fountain -- which as late as the 1920's was used as a horse trough -- was designed by the architects Warren & Wetmore. It was erected in 1905. The fountain has been maintained since 1986 by Brad Hurdado, a volunteer who adopted the fountain through the Riverside Park Fund. It bears the inscription: 'Bequeathed to New York City by Robert Ray Hamilton.'' Robert Ray Hamilton was (according to my research) a poor relation of Alexander Hamilton.

This is a close up of a carving, which was the spout water flowed from, just above the basin. For many summers someone, I guess it was Mr. Hurdado, kept the basin filled with water lilies. This summer it remained empty ...

edited to add

I found this photo of the Hamilton Fountain (on the internets) taken in 2001.
if i had taken it, the trashcan wouldnt be in it