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Did you all go over to Wit's End, and sign Mr Linky and share your feelings/thoughts with the bloggers who read you?

Please do ...getting women to learn to love themselves is as important as clicking on the buttons to help any charity you care about ... charity begins at home!

Over at Wit's End, leendaluu has written a wonderful post about women and their bodies. She's posted a Mr Linky ... go read her post ...

I am 5 ft 10 inches tall and I weigh in at 140 these days.

Am I happy about that? You bet I am.

High cholesterol and heart issues run in my family, as does diabetes, so I am sort of concerned with eating properly.

I dont exercise these days at a gym but I do walk a lot.


I was taken off the cholesterol meds I had been on for probably 10 years because I was experiencing an allergic reaction (I get hives ... my skin itches ... we're not sure which comes first) that after visiting umpteen specialists the only thing I know is: I itch.

Trust me this is a long boring story so I will cut to the chase. This past Friday after 2 months without cholesterol meds my lipids (or whatever they are called) registered at 290 .... up from a nice safe 140 ... YIKES ... and I dont eat meat, I really am good about dairy products ... I eat fish, fruit and veggies with an occasional treat of ice cream ... so I am going back on cholesterol meds but a different 'brand'.



As Leendaluu points out there's a lot of discussion about women and weight ... we're presented with images of models who look anorexic ... we need to learn at a young age to love who we are inside AND out.

Diet and exercise does not mean eat a few carrot sticks and work out for 60 min to burn them off.

Diet and exercise means eat healthy ... smaller portions and healthier snacks ... work out to strengthen your arms, legs AND heart ... not having a 'six pack' (and I dont mean beer!) isnt the end of the world.


edited to add: the itch/hives DO NOT come from the cholesterol meds ... while trying to find what is causing them I went on/off ALL the meds I take - one at a time - to see if any of them might be the culprit ... so far we have not been able to point to any one thing/med and say: Aha, that's it.!

BUT I did find that stopping the ibuprofen I took for my neck issues helped ... I take an antihistamine daily to keep the itch controlled .. and we discovered that without the cholesterol meds I was on that the itches decreased even more so that I now take the antihistamines only every 3-4 days ... personally I blame STRESS ...

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