Thanks to Troy & Martha of Ramblings Around Texas I now know what the heck this critter is called. Its a Widow Skimmer!

I was in Chicago last summer wandering the wonders that are Millennium Park when I saw this flutter by and light on these flowers. I took two shots of it and then spent days trying to find out what it was.

In the process of searching, Googling and just showing it to friends who are critter knowledgeable I came across this site called What's That Bug?

I posted this photo there but it seems at the time the site was overwhelmed with inquiries and I never did get a reply ... which is not to say its not an interesting site ... give it a look sometime.

Anyway the Widow Skimmer is my addition to this week's Camera Critters, created and hosted by Misty Dawn & Mr Linky. so if you want to see more interesting critters check it out.

Segue ahead ...

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Edited to add: If you want to check out more wonderful photos the prolific and creative Dot has begun a new MEME (I finally learned this is pronounced like the end part of THEME .. apparently its a 'net slang for that very word .. ) called The World in Black & White

photographed & posted by daryl