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Eight Books I Have Read Recently
Straight Man (I didn’t finish it …)
13th Tale
Under Currents
Tales of the City
More Tales of the City
The Time Traveler’s Wife
Shell Game (part of the Mallory series by Carol O' Connell)
Storm Front (first installment of the Dresden Files)

Eight Movies I Have Seen Eight Times
Escape from New York
Yankee Doodle (George M Cohan movie w/James Cagney)
I Married a Witch
Towering Inferno
Gone With the Wind
Heaven Can Wait Here Comes Mr. Jordan
Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Eight Things I Have a Passion For
The Cats
Standards (music/lyrics)
Pizza (with fresh mushrooms and tomato)

Eight things I say a lot
I will kill you/them
Go To Sleep
I. do. not. care.
This is making me crazy
What’s up

Eight Things I Would Like to do Before I Die
Go to Hawaii
Get the apartment painted
Take a trip, anywhere, with Husband
Sell the Florida condo
See my sister married
Have my own business
Get rid of the hives/find out what causes them