Beautification™ Saturday

Its going to be a HOT day here in New York City .. hot hot hot ... and after beautification™ I am off to visit a friend who is visiting for a month or so from Austin, TX.

Violet Crumble is her blogging name and she used to live with the husband and kidlette in Brooklyn before they packed up and moved ... I am really looking forward to seeing them all and spending time ... and they are staying with her Dad who has an apartment near Union Square .... and the Trader Joe's that opened about 18 months ago ... which I have been wanting to go see/shop ever since.

Why haven't I gone before, you ask?

Because in NYC when something new... something HOT opens you cannot get near it til it cools down. Restaurants .. supermarkets ... insanely crowded.

I was warned to bring a book to read on the check-out line ... I will. And I can always listen to my ever present iPod Shuffle.

So ... I am off to beautify™ and leave you with this photo taken a few years ago at another salon I went to before Curl Up & Dye opened ... seriously .. would you not want to go to a salon called Curl Up & Dye?

photographed & posted by daryl